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Ion Channel Structure and Function

Van Andel Institute, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Position Description:

Two postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratories of Drs. Juan Du and Wei Lü at Van Andel Institute.

The Du Lab and the Lü Lab ( are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms of how the body perceives sensory information (e.g. taste, smell, vision, and temperature), transmits signals to the brain, and generates responses. We focus on ion channels involved in the basic senses. We employ a range of structural and biophysical approaches, including single-particle cryo-EM, patch-clamp electrophysiology, and other biochemical methods. The cryo-EM facility at Van Andel Institute hosts a Titan Krios equipped with a K3 camera, and a Talos Arctica equipped with a K2 camera.  

For more information, please visit our lab website: 


Experience in structural biology, membrane protein biochemistry, or ion channel electrophysiology is preferred, but not required.

To Apply:

For more information and to apply, please visit
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  • Cover Letter

Send the CV and Cover Letter to Juan Du ( or Wei Lü (

Van Andel Institute (VAI) provides postdoctoral training opportunities to scientists beginning their research careers. The fellowships are to help promising scientists advance their knowledge and research experience and at the same time support the research endeavors of VAI under the mentorship of a VAI Faculty member.

While this project is currently funded, an integral part of postdoctoral training is the process of preparing a research proposal and writing a fellowship application. All VAI Postdoctoral Fellows are encouraged to apply for external funding as soon as it is practical and reasonable after hire. Receiving a fellowship award provides recognition for both the fellow and VAI!

This post will be available until December 17, 2021 or until filled.

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