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Regulatory Signaling and Epigenetic Interactions that Modulate DNA Replication in Cancer Cells

National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD and surrounding area

Position Description:
The DNA Replication Group at the Developmental Therapeutics Branch (NCI) studies cellular networks that signal to and from chromatin to modulate DNA replication. Since many regulatory feedback pathways are deregulated in cancer cells, the results of these studies will help our understanding of cancer biology and elucidate how normal and cancer cells regulate DNA replication.

We have recently identified proteins and chromatin modifications that interact with groups of replication origins. Our studies combine nascent strand abundance sequencing and single fiber analyses to investigate how protein-DNA interactions that are required for DNA replication are modulated in response to environmental challenges and anti-cancer drugs. We seek to conduct fundamental studies leading to insights into the replication process and translational studies aiming to decipher cellular sensitivity to anti-cancer therapeutics.

We seek a talented, curious and enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow with an interest in cell cycle and chromatin regulatory networks to lead an independent project focused on signaling to replication origins in cancer cells.

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