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Ubiquitin-Dependent Regulation of Stem Cell Fates

National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, Bethesda, MD and surrounding area

Position Description:
We are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to study ubiquitin-dependent regulation of stem cell maintenance and differentiation in normal and disease states. Our lab is part of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), which is embedded in the vibrant research community of the NIH's main campus in Bethesda, Maryland, only minutes away from the US capital Washington, D.C.
Our major goal is to understand novel molecular mechanisms that control cell-fate choices during development. For this, our studies focus on ubiquitylation, an essential posttranslational modification that regulates the stability, activity, localization, and interaction landscape of target proteins. Specifically, by combining biochemical, biophysical, and proteomic approaches with human embryonic stem cell culture, we are studying the functions and mechanisms of CUL3-based E3 ligases. This large family of ubiquitylation enzymes regulates important aspects of development and misregulation of its members is tightly linked to diverse human diseases including neuropathies, autism, and cancer.
Current projects are geared towards dissecting the role of a particular Cul3-based E3 ligase in ribosome biogenesis during neural crest and craniofacial development and towards identifying novel functions of CUL3 E3s in stem cell maintenance and differentiation. For more information please refer to the following web page

We are seeking creative and highly motivated candidates with Ph.D. and/or DDS or MD, good verbal skills, and a strong background in molecular biology, protein biochemistry, and proteomic approaches, as well as a previous track record of successful research. Experience with mammalian tissue culture techniques (e.g. siRNA/shRNA, CRISPR) and hESC culture is a plus. Salary is commensurate with research experience and accomplishments.

To Apply:
Please submit your CV, bibliography, a brief statement of research interests, and the names of 2 to 3 references to:

Achim Werner, Ph.D.
Chief - Stem Cell Biochemistry Unit
National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)
Building 30, 30 Convent Dr MSC 4340
Bethesda MD 20892-4340

NIH/NIDCR is dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse community in its training and employment programs. Individuals from underrepresented ​racial and ethnic groups, individuals with disabilities, and women are always encouraged to apply for NIH/NIDCR employment.  DHHS and NIH are equal opportunity employers.