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Cancer Biology

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC

Position Description:
The current recruitment is seeking a self-motivated scientist to work in the area of tumorigenesis using cultured cells and mouse models. The position is joint between two laboratories, Dr. Leping Li in the Biostatistics and Computational Biology Branch and Dr. Xiaoling Li in the Signal Transduction Laboratory. Dr. Leping Li's lab specializes in data mining and bioinformatics analysis. The lab develops computational/statistical methods for mining large-scale genomic data and generates testable hypotheses. Historically a "dry" lab, the lab is now transitioning to having a wet-lab component. A major component of the lab is now to investigate the roles of a few candidate genes in tumorigenesis and progression. Dr. Xiaoling Li's lab utilizes the mouse model and cultured cells as model systems, combines molecular, cellular, and genetic approaches to study signal transduction, metabolic and tissue homeostasis, and tumor metabolism and tumorigenesis.

Applicants must have a doctoral degree in molecular biology, cancer biology, or related area with less than five years of postdoctoral research experience. Experience with laboratory animals, molecular biology techniques, cell culture, molecular & biochemical assays, CRISPR, DNA repair, apoptosis, and tumor immunology is desirable.

To Apply:
Please send the cover letter, CV and a list of three references to Dr. Xiaoling Li at or Dr. Leping Li at

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