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In Vitro Modeling of Human Kidney for Toxicology Research

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC

Position Description:

A Postdoctoral Fellowship to develop, qualify and apply in vitro models of human kidney for toxicology research is immediately available within the Division of the National Toxicology Program (DNTP) at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Our research program is pioneering the integration of physiologically-relevant in vitro models with interpretable assay systems towards translational approach methods (TAMs) for toxicology research. Our primary focus has modeled hepatic biology and response to xenobiotic exposures, with an emerging extension to renal proximal tubule. This position seeks to establish in vitro approaches that model human renal proximal tubule function and toxicity through characterization of barrier function, absorption/secretion transport, cellular architecture comparisons, macromolecule secretion dynamics, tissue-specific xenobiotic metabolism, and biological responses to renal modulators.

Our multidisciplinary program utilizes a wide variety of research tools (e.g., cell biology, computational biology, in vitro ADME, transcriptomics, cell-based assays, and cellular imaging) and offers extensive opportunities to train and learn new skills.  This provides a rich and scientifically diverse training environment. Successful candidates will undertake multiple projects that develop and apply in vitro cell culture models, high content imaging, transcriptomics, and computational approaches to advance the field of predictive toxicology research.


Candidates should have demonstrated expertise in relevant areas of cell biology, cellular pathology, toxicology or relate biological sciences as evidenced by obtaining a Ph.D. or equivalent degree within the last 5 years. Extensive experience in mammalian cell culture and/or cellular pathology is required. Experience with in vitro kidney, liver, gut, or barrier tissues modeling, transporter assays, 96- and 384-well compound screening models, microphysiological systems, gene expression assays (e.g., transcriptomics) are highly desirable. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work on multiple projects are essential.

To Apply:

Please send CV and the names of three references via email to:
Stephen Ferguson, Ph.D.
Biomolecular Screening Branch/NTP Laboratories
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
National Institutes of Health
Mail Drop K2-17
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Application Deadline Date: October 30, 2020


This post will be available until October 2, 2020 or until filled.

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