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Cancer Ion Channel Pharmacology and Peptide Chemistry

National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD

Position Description:

Ion channels are emerging as exciting anti-cancer targets but their involvement in cancer progression remain understudied. Ligands that can modulate these ion channels on a subtype specific level are therefore highly sought after. Our group is focusing on the discovery, characterization, synthesis and peptide engineering of novel ion channel modulators as pharmacological anti-cancer probes, tools and chemotherapeutic drug leads. One prominent class of ion channel modulator ligands are bioactive constrained peptides isolated from venomous creatures and marine extracts. Their constrained topology, including cystine knots, and macrocyclic ring systems, renders them remarkably stable. This topology in combination with their enormous chemical and biological diversity often leads to exquisite ion channel subtype selectivity making them attractive candidates for the study of ion channels involved in cancer.

The role of the postdoctoral fellow would be to pursue various aspects of the pharmacological discovery and characterization, recombinant or synthetic production and structural characterization of complex and constrained bioactive peptides to further our understanding of the role of ion channels in cancers in vitro and in vivo, including breast, prostate and ovarian. The position is available in the recently established ‘Bioactive Peptide Engineering’ group ( within the Chemical Biology Laboratory located at the National Cancer Institute, Frederick, MD.


REQUIRED SKILLS (one or more of the following): Peptide Chemistry, Ion Channel Pharmacology, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, Protein Expression

PREFERRED SKILLS: Electrophysiology, Cell Culture, Molecular Biology, Microscopy, Natural Product Discovery, Venom Peptides

Degree Required: Ph.D. or equivalent
Work Schedule: Full-time position
Citizenship: US Citizenship not required - (ie, permanent resident, visa). This position is subject to a background investigation.
Stipend: Commensurate with experience

To Apply:

Interested applicants should contact Dr Christina Schroeder on with their CV/Resume, Statement of Research Goals, Two References and a Cover Letter.

Application Deadline: 9/30/20


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