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Bioinformatics of Chromosome Duplication in Cancer Cells

National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD and surrounding area

Position Description:

A postdoctoral position is available at the DNA Replication Group (PI: Mirit I. Aladjem, Ph.D.), in collaboration with the Molecular Pharmacology Group (PI: Dr. Yves Pommier, M.D., Ph.D.) of the Developmental Therapeutics Branch, CCR, NCI in Bethesda, Maryland. Our groups aim to understand mechanistic insights into cellular networks that modulate cancer cell proliferation and identify targets for intervention in cancer. Since many regulatory feedback pathways are deregulated in cancer cells, the results of our studies will help our understanding of cancer biology and the mechanisms underlying therapeutic strategies.

The research projects are built on our recent comprehensive analyses of distinct protein-DNA interactions and chromatin transactions that modulate cancer cell proliferation and on novel associations between the sensitivity of malignant cells to anti-cancer therapy and gene expression and epigenetics features of cancer cells. The successful applicant will spearhead investigations of chromatin modifications that affect DNA synthesis and mine a unique dataset associating the genetic and epigenetic properties of cancer cells and patient samples with the sensitivity to anti-cancer therapy. There will also be an opportunity to develop and implement novel methods for data mining and analysis.

Training opportunities are augmented by collaborations with colleagues, physicians and pharmacologists from the intramural and extramural communities. Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of formal, focused courses (e.g., training in bioinformatics and translational research), actively engage in mentoring and participate in a variety of community activities including the NIH’s Cell Cycle Interest Group, DNA Repair Interest Group and the NCI's Center of Excellence in Chromosome Biology.


PhD or equivalent in bioinformatics or computational biology

To Apply:

Please contact Dr. Aladjem, submit a CV/resume, bibliography and a statement of interest.

The NIH is dedicated to building community in its training and employment programs and encourage the application and nominations of qualified women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities. DHHS and NIH are Equal Opportunity Employers.