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Request to Post a Position on the OITE Website

To submit a position for posting on the OITE website, please complete the following survey. Ads will generally be posted within a week of receipt. When the job has been posted, we will email you the URL for the posting and the date until which the ad will remain visible. Questions? Please email:

1) We generally post only postdoctoral positions and positions for which an NIH postdoc or clinical fellow would be eligible to apply.
2) We do not post more senior positions (like branch chiefs or senior investigators).
3) There is no charge to post on our website.

Submitter's Contact Information 

(check accuracy)

Position Information 

Provide just enough information to enable the reader to make a good decision as to whether to click on the link.

Suppose the ad is included in a section of postdoctoral positions.
Bad: Postdoctoral Position, Two-Photon Microscopy
Better: Two-Photon Microscopy
Reason: The reader already knows it's a postdoctoral position; do not restate the obvious.

Suppose the ad is for a job.
Bad: Tenure-track Faculty
Better: Tenure-track Faculty, Organic Chemistry
Reason: The reader must click to find out if the position is in his/her discipline; add the discipline to the position title.

Capitalize the first word in the position title, the first word after a colon, and all other important words. Do not capitalize conjunctions and prepositions. For assistance, go to and select 'Title Case'.
Include at least a description of the work to be carried out and the company, Institute/Center, and/or research group in which the position is located.
List expertise and qualifications being sought and, if appropriate, preferred qualifications.
Provide directions for applying, i.e., documents to be submitted and contact information for the individual to whom the documents should be sent.
For positions at the NIH, this should be the full name of the Institute-Center (IC) in which the position is located.
All postings will automatically close 90-days after posting or by the date selected, whichever is shorter.
(all closings happen at midnight Eastern Time)
For NIH positions, the following default language will be used:
The NIH is dedicated to building a diverse community in its training and employment programs.

Provide any additional disclaimers you wish to include in the space below.
Describe any special handling your position requires for posting on the OITE website.