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Summer Orientation

Your research project should be your number one priority at the NIH, but there is much more to discover in the summer program!  Dr. Sharon Milgram, the Director of the NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education (OITE) has created an Orientation Video full of tips on making the most of your time at the NIH. The video is divided into three sections:

  • Understanding the NIH (slides 1 - 6),
  • Settling into your research group and meeting your science goals (slides 7 - 15), and
  • Using NIH resources to meet your career and professional goals (slides 16 - 18).

An additional slide (#19) summarizes resources for summer interns on the Bethesda campus.  Similar resources will be available on all NIH campuses, and you should review your IC and training office Web sites to find them.

If you are a new SIP trainee, please take the time to view the entire Orientation.  If you are a returning intern, you may want to skip ahead and begin your viewing with slide #7 (you can advance the slides using the right arrow key, although you may have to wait for a second or two after each slide change).  In either case, welcome to the NIH; we hope your summer is terrific!

Download a transcript of the Orientation.

NOTE: you will need either PowerPoint or a "PowerPoint Viewer" to view the orientation. Download a viewer.