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2022 Virtual Summer Poster DAy FAQs

Getting Ready for the Event


Should we have received a confirmation email from the event website (Fourwaves) about the registration? I have not yet gotten one or been able to locate it.
The event website ( will send a confirmation message when you complete a presenter submission form. The website cannot re-send a confirmation message. If you cannot find the email, and don’t know how to activate your account to see your submission, please go to the link below to reset your password and activate your account. When you enter the event page, you will be able to find your name under “Participants” and review your submission.

Here is the link to request that Fourwaves Reset your Password:

Is there a required date for submitting our posters?
The submission form will be closed August 2, 11:30 pm (ET).
How can a presenter upload a poster and other presentation material?

Starting July 11th, you will be able to login to the event website and update your existing submission. You will be able to modify authors, summary, and/or your poster title. If needed, you will have the option to upload your poster and supplementary materials on the event website until August 2, 11:30 PM. It will remain visible until the end of the event.

Please read Fourwaves help center articles for more information:
[IMPORTANT NOTE] Publishing data anywhere has intellectual property implications. If you want to include data that might result in patentable ideas (or if you are uncertain) be sure you have the permission of your PI to share everything in your poster. In fact, regardless of what you want to present, get your PI’s permission before you submit.
Can I test the virtual poster presentation platform in advance?
Rehearsing your poster presentation in the same platform before the event will be critical to avoid technical difficulties the day of the event. We will test audio, video, and the sharing screen option in the Fourwaves event platform. You can also get feedback on your poster if you bring it to one of the following practice sessions.

Practice Session Schedule:

Practice Session Link:
Practice Session RSVP: . Please let us know you are planning to attend.

  • Poster Practice Session 7/27, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Poster Practice Session 7/28, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Poster Practice Session 7/29, 2:00 - 4:00 pm
  • Poster Practice Session 8/1, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Creating a Poster

Can we animate our posters and zoom in on things?
Yes. You will be able to insert animations or videos.
  • You can share your screen, so viewers can see exactly what you do.
  • If you will use an uploaded poster during your presentation (recommended), attendees can zoom in on things independently. However, you will not be able to animate your poster or play an embedded video while you are presenting by using an uploaded poster. Instead, you can upload web pages and multimedia content separately that session attendees can access independently.
Is there a way to point to figures when we are discussing them?
Yes. An annotation toolbox and a pointer are located on the left side of your screen. You can also use your mouse pointer. You can learn more about the platform’s pointer here:
Why do you suggest that we NOT include references?
Unlike a publication, a poster presentation does not require a separate reference section. We recommend that you omit a separate reference section, so you will have more space for your text and figures, which are more important. You should, however, add appropriate citations to your text and figures. 
Can I use a QR code for references?
Sure. That will not require much space.
What are the guidelines for poster creation: poster size? Font size? Portrait vs. landscape? Size of the file?
The uploaded poster needs to be:
  • Image format (jpeg, png, or gif);
  • Maximum of 30 Mb;
  • The landscape format is ideal.
  • There are no specific dimensions, but a ratio like 16 (width) x 9 (height) would work.
  • To determine the file types and sizes that Fourwaves will accept, please visit:
  • Example:
    • Custom Slide Size: 56” (Width) and 36” (Height)
      Recommended Font Size:

      • Title: 80 pt
      • Section Headings: 54 pt
      • Secondary Section Headings or Figure Title: 44 pt
      • General Text: 36 – 40 pt
      • Figure/table legends: 28 pt
    • Widescreen (16:9): 13.3’ (Width) and 7.5’ (Height)

      Recommended Font Size:

      • Title: 24 pt
      • Section Headings: 16 pt
      • Secondary Section Headings or Figure Title: 14 pt
      • General Text: 13 – 14 pt
      • Figure/table legends: 12 pt
What app should we use to create our posters?
The most used applications are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe programs.
Where can we find poster templates?
You should be able to find some templates from the web by searching “Scientific Poster Template.” Your IC and/or research group might have a template you can use. Please remember that you are preparing for a virtual poster presentation, which will require additional attention to the design (less content, bigger font sizes, and contrasting colors). These formatting details will be appreciated for in-person poster presentations as well.
Will Fourwaves change photo/figure resolution? Will it be compatible with PowerPoint?
Fourwaves will NOT change photo/figure resolution. It is compatible with PowerPoint and many other applications. You can also share your screen. The best way to figure out how it works would be to organize a practice session with others in your poster session or colleagues in your research group. OITE will also provide poster practice sessions from July 27 to August 1.
Must we use logos? Could we use text instead? Where can we find high-definition logos for the NIH and our ICs?
Using logos is recommended but not required.
The NIH logo is designed to signify official NIH products, activities, events, representatives, and facilities. It should never be used to promote or suggest endorsement of non-NIH products, events, or services. It should never be used by outside parties to misrepresent the purpose, character, policies, or mission of our agency. For more information about the NIH logo, contact
Here is the manual chapter for use of NIH names and logos: You will be able to find more information for each institute and center on this website:
Can I do a PowerPoint slide presentation instead of following the directions to create an actual poster?
No. Please create an actual poster. We would like to provide an experience as close as possible to an in-person poster session for you and your visitors.
Can I change my poster title from the title I submitted when I registered?
Yes. You will be able to update your submission information until August 2. But if you make the change after July 7th, the new title will not appear in the online Program Book.
Does the presenter’s name always go first?
What do the numbers associated with poster authors’ names at large meetings mean?
When the work being presented was conducted at more than one institution, the list of authors is followed by a list of institutions. The institutions are numbered, and the numbers are used to link the authors to their institutions. 

During the event

Will visitors come and go freely during my session? How much time will each presenter have?
People may come to your poster at any time during your 90-minute session. We recommend having a general elevator talk (2- to 3-minute presentation summarizing your research) ready as a response to the classic “Tell me about your poster.” In fact, you may want to prepare two elevator talks, one for those who know relatively little about your research area and one for experts. If you do this, you can begin your presentation with questions like these: “How familiar are you with this topic? Would you like me to begin with some background information?” Overall, you will have no specific time allotment for a discussion, just go with the flow based on viewer interest and questions. NOTE: Viewers can ask questions using their microphones or the chat. Keep an eye on your chat for those unable to use their microphones.
How are the sessions organized? What will the day look like?
Sessions are organized by Institutes and Centers. Each day is broken up into three sessions: 11:00-12:30 am, 1:00–2:30 pm, and 3:00–4:30 pm.  For more information, please review the program book when it becomes available.  As a presenter, you will want to be in your video conversation room during most of the time (90 min). If you leave your room, you will be called back if a visitor enters it in your absence. You will be able to participate in other meetings during the two days as an attendee.
Here is the procedure for your session:
Before your session:
  • Before joining the event, close unnecessary applications and open the poster slide you will use.
  • On the event website, log in with the email used during registration at least 10 minutes prior to your session.
  • From the event website menu, click Posters and find your presentation.
  • When visit your poster, you will see a button at the bottom that says Enter Conversation Room.
  • Please refer to the following articles if you encounter issues when joining a video conversation:
  • Navigate your video conversation room and check the camera, microphone, screen sharing, and live chat.
  • Present by sharing your screen or using you uploaded poster (recommended).
During your presentation:
  • You will be able to zoom in and out of your poster while you are talking; attendees will also be able to zoom in and out.
  • People will visit your poster throughout the session. Expect to present your research multiple times as your audience fluctuates.
During my session, how can I get help with Fourwaves?
During the event, there will be a live technical support room on the website. You can also contact Dr. Yewon Cheon at or Alexis Schirling at

Interacting with Poster Day Attendees and Sharing Materials

Will attendees be able to download our posters?
Attendees will NOT be able to download any documents. Although it is not legal, you should note that we will not be able to prevent them from taking a screenshot. Your poster will be available for view from the moment you upload it through the last day of poster sessions.
Will the poster sessions be recorded?
No, the sessions will not be recorded. However, you will be able to submit a recorded video prior to your session if you choose. Regardless of whether you upload a video or not, we expect you to attend the session to which your poster is assigned and present the poster to your audience.
Will poster titles be released to the general NIH community so that they can attend sessions that interest them?
Yes. As soon as you complete the presenter submission form (the link was shared via email), it will be displayed on the event website: In addition, the program book including presenter information and poster title will be uploaded to our website by July 25, 2022: .
Can I invite my PI, colleagues, friends, and/or family to my meeting?
Yes. You may invite your PI, colleagues, friends, and/or family to your meeting. All attendees must register for the event and create an account on the event website: . They can then find your poster and video conversation room information by searching your name in Posters or Participants. 

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