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Trainee Telework 2022

Telework policy specifically for IRTA/CRTA and Visiting Fellows
(if you are a Research Fellow, Clinical Fellow or a contractor your telework policies have not changed). 

The NIH Telework Policy for IRTA/CRTA and Visiting Fellows clearly stresses the critical importance of in-person training and expressly limits the amount of telework appropriate for all levels of trainees. Telework is generally intended to be no more than once per week and/or sporadic due to the nature of the work. Telework can also be used during emergency closures. Depending on the trainee level and the type of work, telework may be more than once per week. Full-time telework and/or remote-work is not allowed.

Trainees, including postbac, predoc, and postdocs, who are appointed using IRTA, CRTA, and Visiting Fellow hiring authorities may not be placed in full-time remote work status. Furthermore, no IRTAs, CRTAs, or Visiting Fellows may be appointed with the understanding that they will be working remotely.

Current NIH Trainees:

If you intend to telework you must complete the TELEWORK AGREEMENT FOR TRAINEES in the appropriate attachment (IRTA/CRTA or Visiting Fellow). Check with your Training Director to see if you need IC approval. Completed paperwork will be submitted to your Training Director.