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Using the OITE Webpages During Summer 2020

To keep informed about OITE services and programming, be certain to check two resources regularly.

(1) Breaking news will be posted on the OITE homepage in the What’s New column on the left.

(2) For information on NIH Virtual Activities for Summer 2020, please click on the first banner "2020 NIH Virtual Summer Enrichment Program"

(3) If you are looking for PRIOR OITE events, check out the page cleverly titled "Prior OITE Workshops". Sessions from the NIH Career Symposium can also be reached from this page.

(4) We’ve created a complex of webpages in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and all OITE activities have moved online. When you go to the OITE homepage, you will see that the fourth banner says, Virtual OITE Events for This Week. Clicking on the banner will take you to a page listing the events. We have scheduled career/professional development workshops AND many wellness activities that will allow you to interact virtually with other trainees and with OITE wellness advisors. To the right of the main content section, you will see links to many other useful pages:

  • Go to the OITE Coronavirus Info page: The main content block on this page contains the text of official NIH emails dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, the NIH response, and NIH trainees.
  • FAES Emails Regarding Coverage of COVID-19 Services
  • Division of International Services Resources and Statements Regarding Trainees and the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • NIH Policy on Extensions of Trainee Appointments during the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • FAQs for Trainees about the Consequences of the Coronavirus Outbreak (This page includes a link to directions for gaining access to your NIH email account and the NIH Coronavirus intranet page from a personal computer and reaching the NIH Library.)
  • FAQs for PIs and AOs about Trainees
  • Resources for Postbacs Preparing for Graduate Study
  • Information for NIH Pre-meds
  • The OITE Wellness Page
  • Archived NIH Science Lectures and Presentations
  • The OITE YouTube Channel
  • Prior OITE Workshops
  • Links to Help You Make the Most of Staying at Home with Children
  • Other Learning Opportunities for Stay-at-home Scientists
  • Virtual Opportunities to Volunteer
  • NIH Coronavirus Guidance for Staff

The fifth banner on the OITE homepage reads “Virtual NIH Activities for Trainees OUTSIDE the NIH”. The page to which the banner points includes all of the sections referred to about that are applicable to trainees outside the NIH.

The sixth banner reads "Coronavirus Response Information from the OITE". It links directly to the italicized page above.

(5) FAQs to help trainees through this difficult time are located at Again, these contain information about accessing NIH resources.

Clicking on the two additional banners, the second and third, will take you to the NIH Academy webpage (and the program application, which is now open) and the 2020 Virtual Graduate & Professional School Fair page, respectively.