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Science Voices from Home (SVH)

Your Visiting Fellows network for information on careers and science abroad

Identifying and navigating international research and funding opportunities and keeping up with your home country scientific community can be a challenging task while training abroad. The VFC "Science Voices from Home" program organizes informal and formal meetings and seminars with visiting scientists and science-related organizations to help NIH fellows stay in touch with the international science community and identify opportunities abroad. Speakers and participants range from individual scientists visiting the NIH to embassies, research/funding agencies, and globally minded science organizations. Topics at SVH events range from information on programs and country-supported initiatives to career opportunities and career development suggestions. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

The Science Voices from Home team is made up of fellows looking to provide resources and information to the NIH Fellow community as well as to develop essential transferable and organizational skills of their own. If you are interested in being proactive in your own career development and at the same time helping others in the NIH Fellows community please contact Fany Messanvi ( & Oyebola (Bola) Oluwakemi Oyesola (