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NEW Wellness Skill-building Groups

OITE is excited to be launching a series of wellness skill-building groups. These groups are intended to offer NIH trainees a space to reflect on areas of growth, explore tools to support their wellness, and practice skill development. Each group session will provide trainees with tangible strategies relative to the overall theme.  OITE skill-based groups are offered as a 4-6 week series depending upon the topic. If you have questions, please email NOTE: Group size will be limited to facilitate open discussion and participation is restricted to NIH trainees.

Procrastination Management Skills Group (Wednesdays at 10:00 am, beginning January 27; 4 weeks)

If you struggle with putting off challenging or unpleasant tasks, you are not alone.  Procrastination troubles many and exacerbates anxious and depressive feelings for most all who struggle with this nagging postponement tendency.   Frequently putting off work until tomorrow, or even the last possible minute, can have disastrous results for your productivity and your overall wellbeing.  Although most agree it’s a problem, few know how to fix it.  Learn about the various and interrelated factors that cause, contribute, and maintain procrastination as a habit.  This 4 week course will use scientific research to teach skills that have been found to rewire your ability to get started and stay focused.  A group leader will not just teach the skills, but assist you in practicing these skills in order to find what makes them most effective for you, and your ever present to do list.

Tiny Steps, Big Changes Skills Group (launches the week of January 25; will meet for 5 weeks)

Working towards being well and forming healthy habits can be a challenge. Additionally, working from home, limited hours in the lab, and endless Zoom meetings have made working at NIH even more difficult. As a result, we often do not know where to start or need resources to help follow through with wellness planning.  Research in social science and psychology offers useful tools to overcome many of these unique struggles. This five-week group will be adapted based on the specific wellness needs of trainees. Participants will discuss the psychological concepts underlying these unique challenges, learn practical skills to help them better thrive, and have a chance to apply the skills to their personal lives.

Optimizing Health Skills Group (launches the week of February 22nd; will meet for 5 weeks)

The habits that comprise your days and weeks create your overall health. But, making changes to be healthier can feel overwhelming. This series will make healthy change simple by focusing on upgrading the behaviors you already do to include: breathing, sleeping, eating, and moving. This skill-based group will help you examine the science behind these core functional capacities and provide cutting-edge techniques to help turn off the stress response and create more energy, enhance productivity, foster understanding on the power of food and nutrition (not diets!) to enhance both mental and physical well-being, as well as, learn how to utilize movement to reverse the negative impact of sitting and improve mood and fitness. By making small shifts in the daily behaviors you already do, you can have a big impact on improving your health!

Mindfulness During Difficult Times (launches the week of February 22; will meet for 4 weeks)

In our lifetimes, we will all experience some kind of difficulty. These difficult moments manifest differently for each of us and can look like career uncertainty, the loss of a loved one, becoming a new parent, or the burden of loneliness. Difficult times can evoke many emotions, such as, fear, shame, guilt or even self-doubt. Mindfulness can teach us to pause, slow down and stop in order to explore our experiences so that we can cultivate the following skills: 1) grow a sense of meaning and purpose, 2) foster our capacity for compassion for ourselves and others, 3) find the possibility of joy in each moment and, 4) to gain a larger perspective on life. This four-week skills group will teach the gift of mindfulness and how we can be with and navigate these difficult times. This group will begin the week of February 22nd.