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Wellness Skill-building Groups

Building Healthy Relationships Skills group

Relationships serve as our cornerstone for navigating the world. Both our professional and personal lives require us to foster relationships, and the quality of these relationships determine our success, social thriving, and happiness. At times we may feel at a loss for how to communicate with others or have difficulty building empathy for ourselves and others or maintaining boundaries. This 4-week skills-group will focus on building skills relative to interpersonal growth, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and networking. Group runs on Tuesdays at 10am and will begin on June 14th. Register here.

Values-Based Decision Making: Staying true to yourself 

If you were asked the question, “what values guide your life?” how would you respond? Are you aware of the values you hold that are meaningful, and impact how you live and work? This four-week group will explore the concept of values-based decision making – that is, aligning your personal and professional life with your values. Trainees will learn how to assess and bring awareness to their values and explore a “heart-heart-body” model to implement values-based decision making in their personal and professional lives. Group runs on Wednesdays at 2pm and will begin on June 15th.  Register here.

Building Healthy Sleep Habits Skills Group

Sleep is an essential part of our functioning; however, restful sleep can be elusive.  Interrupted sleep, difficulty falling asleep, or sleep disorders can cause sleep deprivation, which can impair our productivity, relationships, mood, and much more.  The good news is that research on sleep tells us our behavioral habits can be tweaked to greatly improve sleep duration and quality. This 4-week course is aimed at educating you on the basics on sleep hygiene, how much you need, how to get more of it, and why sleep is important to begin with.  Group runs on Tuesdays at 10am and will begin on July 5th.  Register here.

Taming Your Inner Critic 

Most people have an inner critic – one or more “voices” inside the mind that are critical, harsh, and just not pleasant to live with every day.  While some people think the inner critic is needed for functioning successfully, most people also find this inner chatter distracting and distressing, contributing to feeling discouraged or worthless.  In addition, people often think they don’t have any control over it.  In this skills group, we’ll discuss why you have this dialogue in your mind, what purpose it serves, and how you can harness and relate to it in healthier ways that lead to even more productivity.  Join us to learn more about the patterns and origins of your voices, to listen to underlying messages about what you need, and to develop and use strategies useful for transforming the inner critic into an inner coach. Group runs on Wednesdays at 2pm and will begin on July 6th.  Register here.

Healthy Striving Skills Group

Perfectionism is the armor many of us wear to protect us from the disappointment and fear of potential setbacks. Especially in biomedical research, we sometimes fall into the trap of idealizing perfectionism, convincing ourselves that it’s the reason we’ve made it this far and is critical to our being successful in the future. Unfortunately, these unsustainable behaviors end up perpetuating anxiety, unhelpful comparisons, and isolation, which negatively impacts our work and overall well-being. This 4-week skills group will explore the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that fuel our perfectionism and how we can begin to let go of those maladaptive parts of ourselves and begin to integrate more healthy striving strategies that will positively impact our work, relationships, and sense of self. Group runs on Thursdays at 2pm and will begin on July 7th.  Register here.

Self-Awareness and Boundary Setting Skills Group

Self-awareness and healthy boundary setting are essential soft skills that help strengthen our ability to navigate the workplace, develop ourselves as leaders, and contribute to long-term successes in our careers. These transferable abilities require the fostering of interpersonal and behavioral skills. This 4-week skills group will explore the concepts of internal and external self-awareness, tools to build greater self-awareness, and identifying strategies on how to set and maintain boundaries. Group runs on Wednesdays at 11am and will begin on July 13th. Register here