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Wellness Skill-building Groups

OITE is excited to be launching a new series of wellness skill-building groups. These groups are intended to offer NIH trainees a space to reflect on areas of growth, explore tools to support their wellness, and practice skill development. Each group session will provide trainees with tangible strategies relative to the overall theme.  OITE skill-based groups are offered as a 4-6 week series depending upon the topic. If you have questions, please email NOTE: Group size will be limited to facilitate open discussion and participation is restricted to NIH trainees.

November Groups

Emotional Regulation Skills Group

To be well isn’t to constantly live in a state of ease and happiness. It’s to be able to move fluidly through both enjoyable and adverse experiences back to a state of calm, where we feel grounded and safe. To do this, we need tangible skills to help us regulate the wide range of emotions that show up in our everyday lives. Emotions are a normal part of being human - we all have them. They impact what we think and how we behave, but too often we either minimize and push them away or we become flooded and overwhelmed by them. Instead, when we learn how to tune into and effectively regulate our emotions, we are better equipped to simply note them as useful data points in our circumstances - nothing more and nothing less – that can help us respond intentionally (not react). Increasing our ability to do just that gives us the skills and confidence to handle the inevitable ups and downs of life, ultimately leading to positive impacts on our sense of satisfaction at work, our relationships, and our overall well-being. This is a 5-week skills group that will be held on Tuesdays at 10am beginning November 9th. Register.

Organizing, Planning and Executing Skills Group

Skills to help us organize, plan, and execute daily goals are essential in promoting productivity and success. Through this group we will explore the various skills needed help navigate work and problem solve the various obstacles that may get the way of attending to our to do list. This interactive group we will offer proven tips to help you get started on a task when you’re not feeling motivated, discuss potential ways you can break down overwhelming projects into more manageable tasks, and explore tools to help move through the task completion cycle. This is a 4-week skills group that will be held on Wednesdays at 10am beginning November 3rd. Register.

Stress Management Skills Group

We tend to think of stress as this uncontrollable force that seeps into every facet of our lives. Stress has the capacity to negatively impact our physical, psychological, and emotional wellness.  Did you know that there are tools and strategies that you can utilize to help manage stress? Stress management is an acquired set of skills that allow us to take action, address perceptions of stress, as well as, foster a relationship with acceptance. This 5-week course will teach you stress management skills that can be applied to both professional and personal stressors. This is a 5-week course offered on Thursdays at 11am beginning October 21, 2021. Attendance for all sessions is recommended. Email to register.