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Wellness Support Groups

Wellness Support Groups are 8-week standing groups facilitated by OITE wellness advisors. They are meant to offer a supportive space for trainees who have similar needs, experiences, and/or identities.

Lab Transitions

Transitioning labs presents us with many challenges. This group supports trainees as they consider transitioning labs, look for new labs, and are integrating into new labs. Trainees practice skills to promote general well-being, how to be with the strong emotions that come with leaving a lab and finding a new lab. This group will be ongoing based upon trainee need with rolling admission.

Visiting Fellow Support Group

This support group aims to help Visiting Fellows process the wide range of stressors they experience in their work and personal lives. Transitioning into a new culture and community presents challenges that may include barriers to communication; uncertainty about how to build or find community; and logistics issues such as obtaining a driver’s license, overcoming visa hurdles, and homesickness. These challenges can make it difficult to feel confident and be productive in the lab. This group offers support and collaboration from group members with a focus on remaining grounded in stress management and self-care as individuals navigate their unique life stressors. The group will last for 8 weeks and begin the week of April 19th.

Imposter fears

Imposter fears have the capacity to challenge you cognitively and emotionally. In this group, trainees learn skills to build self-compassion and learn the ways your unconscious thought patterns (cognitive distortions) can be a real barrier to courage and confidence. This group will begin the week of May 3rd.

Connecting in a Time of Loneliness

This group is for post-doctoral trainees and graduate students who are single, living alone, far away from many support systems, and/or partnered but feeling alone and struggling.  This group will provide an opportunity to share experiences, increase coping skills and feel more connected. This group will begin the week of May 3rd. Register.