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Wellness Support Groups

Wellness Support Groups are 8-week standing groups facilitated by OITE wellness advisors. They are meant to offer a supportive space for trainees who have similar needs, experiences, and/or identities.

Imposter Fears Support Group

Imposter fears have the capacity to challenge you cognitively and emotionally. In this group, trainees learn skills to build self-compassion and learn the ways your unconscious thought patterns (cognitive distortions) can be a real barrier to courage and confidence. This group will begin the week of February 22nd.

Perfectionism Support Group

Perfectionism is the armor many of us wear to protect us from the disappointment and fear of potential setbacks. Especially in the field of biomedical research, we sometimes fall into the trap of idealizing perfectionism, convincing ourselves that it’s the reason we’ve made it this far and is critical to us being successful in the future. Unfortunately, these unsustainable behaviors end up perpetuating anxiety, unhelpful comparisons, and isolation which negatively impacts our work and overall well-being. This 8 week group is a safe space for trainees to explore the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that fuel our perfectionism, and how we can move towards letting go of those maladaptive parts of ourselves and begin to integrate more healthy striving strategiesthat will positively impact our work, relationships, and sense of self. This group will begin the week of February 22nd.

Straddling Cultures Support Group

This group is for trainees who immigrated to the U.S. when they were children or those who were born in the U.S. to recently immigrated parents.  In addition, this group would be helpful for people who might consider themselves “Adult Third Culture Kids;” those who grew up in two or more countries.  The group will provide an opportunity for people to share experiences straddling, managing, and embracing cultural values and norms in their family of origin and those of the larger culture.  There will be collaboration and support for how to navigate the sometimes conflicting messages and expectations between cultures, opportunities to look at similarities and differences between group members, and a focus on integrating the totality of experiences as a foundation for wellness. This group will begin the week of February 22nd.