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2017 Postbac Distinguished Mentor Awards

Jeffrey Leinert, MS
NHGRI, Graduate Student
Nominated by Hena Thakur & Jennifer Cleary
Nomination supported by Dr. Laura Koehly

"In addition to benefiting from Jeff's unrelenting enthusiasm and intelligence in the lab, I have also learned from him outside of the workspace. He has demonstrated the importance of selflessness, compassion and the benefit of maintaining our social, emotional and physical wellbeing."

Olivier Duverger, PhD
NIAMS, Staff Scientist
Nominated by Chelsea Karacz
Nomination supported by Dr. Maria Morasso

"Dr. Duverger has the stupendous ability to train technically and teach conceptually. He takes the time to sit down at any moment to explain a concept. It's his balance between his credible scientific knowledge and humble and fun personality that make him a fantastic person to work with. I would not have grown substantially as an independent researcher and as an individual without this experience working with him."

Christine Heske, MD
NCI, Assistant Clinical Investigator
Nominated by Joshua Baumgart

"Dr. Heske has a phenomenal ability to train the next generation of scientists both in technique and conceptually. She takes as much time as the mentee needs to build independence and understanding. Dr. Heske indisputably deserves the distinguished mentor award. I would not have been able to develop into an independent and confident researcher without her mentorship."