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2018 Postbac Distinguished Mentor Awards

Resat Cinar, Pharm, PhD, MBA
NIAAA, Staff Scientist
Nominated by Kee Park & Nathan Coffey
Nomination supported by Dr. George Kunos

"Dr. Cinar taught me that a career in science is about life-long learning. I cannot thank him enough for inspiring me to be curious and to challenge my potential every day."

Rajtarun Madangopal, PhD
NIDA, Research Fellow
Nominated by Lauren Komer
Nomination supported by Dr. Bruce Hope

"Dr. Madangopal is deeply invested in helping me fulfill my research aspirations. Even on busy days, he is always willing to make time to chat, not only about our projects, but also my own personal well-being. Dr. Madangopal's patience, encouragement, and guidance have been instrumental in my development as a neuroscientist."

Nancy Ames, RN, PhD
CC, Nurse Researcher
Nominated by Sarah Mudra
Nomination supported by Dr. Gwen Wallen and Dr. Robert Lembo

"Dr. Ames' infectious enthusiasm motivates me to passionately pursue scientific excellence; her leadership instills a collaborative spirit; her guidance convinces me that scientific flourishing occurs through exceptional mentorship."

Katherine Grantz, MD, MS
NICHD, Principle Investigator
Nominated by Alaina Bever

"Despite these many responsibilities that Dr. Grantz balances, I often forget that I am not her only mentee and priority, given the attention and time that she offers. Whether I have questions about epidemiology methods, research interests, or am seeking career advice, Dr. Grantz's door is always open - both literally and figuratively."

2018 Postbac Distinguished Mentor Awards

From left to right: Nathan Coffey; Resat Cinar, PhD, MBA; Kee Park; Nancy Ames, RN, PhD; Sarah Mudra; Katherine Grantz, MD, MS; Alaina Bever; Kaylie, Cullison, Postbac Committee Co-chair; Katy Henry, Postbac Committee Co-chair; Sharon Milgram, PhD, Director. NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education