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The NIH OITE offers many resources to help you proactively tend to your stress management and address barriers to your well-being.

We understand research environments and have developed our programs to focus on the stressors you face. Remember that stress, disappointment, unhelpful thoughts, and uncomfortable feelings are inevitable. We believe that you will find strategies to thrive at NIH if you are proactive, regularly take time to tend to your well-being, and are open to new strategies as you recognize new challenges. We appreciate that issues in your research group can be distressing and have many resources to support you.

We provide support for summer and academic year interns, postbacs, graduate students, postdocs, clinical, and research fellows across the entire intramural research program. We encourage all NIH trainees and fellows to regularly participate in our programs to learn well-being and resilience skills. We are also here when you are struggling and need a friendly and supportive community for immediate support.