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About the Center

We are here to support your journey, whatever career path you choose.

We provide support and programs for summer and academic year interns, postbacs, graduate students, postdocs, clinical, and research fellows across the entire intramural research program. Our expertise is relevant to all employment sectors and careers.

We can assist you in exploring your options and assessing your preparation; applying for educational programs, postdoc positions, and jobs; and in all elements of the application, interview, and negotiation process.

We also coordinate programs with OITE well-being advisors to provide you with holistic support to explore barriers to your success and manage the stress inherent in the career decision-making process.

Engage with us throughout your training experience and use our resources to advance you career and shape your future!


Our core values

There is no such thing as an alternative career -- all careers are valued and important.

We are happy to support you in exploring careers in healthcare, research, administration, education, policy, technology transfer, business, etc. We will also assist you in exploring non-STEM related careers.

While others may wish to weigh in, you get to choose

We are here to support you in considering various pressures influencing your decision, whether they are your own pressures or pressures from others.

We are here to support you in making decisions that are consistent with your goals and values.

We may offer observations and input, but we will not tell you what you should or should not do.

We will be kind

While we are responsible for offering our expert guidance and may share difficult input about your application materials or current preparation for various opportunities, we endeavor to meet you where you are and to be supportive in the process.