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Please submit the following information as a WORD document:

Position Type: Please indicate one
• Postdoctoral Position at the NIH
• Postdoctoral Position outside the NIH

IMPORTANT NOTES: (1) We generally post only positions for which a postdoc or clinical fellow would be eligible to apply. (2) We generally do not post postbac positions because the NIH postbac application system contains the applications of about 2000 interested individuals.

Position Title: If the ad is for a postdoctoral position, just specify the scientific area, e.g., "Two-photon Microscopy" NOT "Postdoctoral Position, Two-photon Microscopy". If the ad is for a job, please provide sufficient information to enable the reader to make a good decision as to whether or not to click on the link. For example, "Tenure-track Faculty, Organic Chemistry" is more helpful than just "Tenure-track Faculty".

Position Description: please include here at least the following
• A description of the work to be carried out or the expertise sought
• Information on the department/laboratory/group in which the position is located
• Any special qualifications being sought
• Directions for submitting an application: documents to be submitted and contact information for the individual to whom the information should be submitted

Employer Name: (For positions at the NIH, this should be the full name of the IC in which the position is located)

Position Location (city and state OR city and country if outside the US):

Application Deadline Date: If no date is provided, the ad will remain posted for 90 days.


If the position is in the National Cancer Institute, include the following statement: This position is subject to a background investigation.
If the listing is for a postdoctoral position at the NIH, it should end with the following statement: The NIH is dedicated to building a diverse community in its training and employment programs.

Please submit this information to Drs. Pat Sokolove and Ulli Klenke at the NIH.

IMPORTANT NOTES: (1) For the sake of efficiency, positions will normally be posted once a week, on Friday. If your position requires special, expedited handling, please note this prominently in the email you send us. (2) There is no charge to post on our website. However, we post only positions for which postdocs would be eligible to apply,