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Industry careers

Resources to support your pursuit of a position in industry

Industry careers include research, project management, product design, sales, and other roles in support of the business enterprise. Many trainees transition directly into scientist positions, or to other roles such as medical science liaison, field application specialist, business development, regulatory affairs, clinical trial management, communication, and more.

Check out our workshops

Learn about career options in industry, the structure of companies, how to build your resumé and craft you cover letter, common interview questions, and strategies to negotiate when offered a position. Our current workshops are:

  • Industry Careers Overview and Job Packages
  • The Organization of Business
  • Industry Job Interviews
  • Negotiating Job Offers

Workshops run throughout the academic year and occur in-person and online. Search OITE events for offerings and explore videos on the OITE YouTube channel.

Participate in the Translational Science Training Program (TSTP)

This course intertwines interdisciplinary scientific content, the drug development process, professional skills development, clinical trial terminology, and career exploration.

There are two sessions, one for postbacs in the fall and another for graduate students and postdocs in the spring. This course takes place in-person on the Bethesda campus, with hybrid options for trainees on other campuses. Find upcoming dates by searching OITE events.

Meet with our industry advisor

The OITE has an advisor specific to industry - Brad Fackler. All the career counselors can also help with industry applications. Make an appointment.

Join an industry job search group

This group guides participants through the process of applying for industry positions. The group discusses applying to industry positions, hosts speakers from industry, peer-reviews key documents, and provides support.

This group is virtual and for graduate students and postdocs/fellows on all NIH campuses and locations. This group runs in fall and again in spring. Registration is announced on the OITE-Grads and OITE-Postdocs listservs.



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