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FelCom - FARE Study Sections

This list of study sections will be available on the FARE 2019 application. You will be asked to make a first, second, and third choice for the study section that is most appropriate for your abstract. We will attempt to assign each abstract to the first-choice study section. Study sections are filled according to the order that applications are received, so early submissions are more likely to receive their first choice study section. In the event that a study section is already full, we will assign your abstract based upon your second, and if necessary, your third choice study section.

2019 Study Sections
Biochemistry - General, Proteins, and Lipids
Cell Biology - General
Cell Biology - Intracellular Trafficking, Cytoskeleton, and Extracellular Matrix
Chromatin and Chromosomes
Clinical and Translational Research, and Gene Therapy
Cultural, Social and Behavioral Sciences
Developmental Biology
DNA-binding Proteins/Receptors and DNA Repair
Epidemiology/Biostatistics - Prognosis, Response Predictions, Etiology, Risk, and Prevention
Gene Expression
HIV and AIDS Research
Immunology - Autoimmune
Immunology - General
Immunology - Infectious Disease
Immunology - Innate and Cell-mediated Host Defenses
Immunology - Lymphocyte Development and Activation
Informatics/Computational Biology
Information Science and History of Medicine
Microbiology and Antimicrobials
Molecular Biology - Prokaryotic, and Eukaryotic
Neuroscience - Cellular, Molecular, Neurotransmission and Ion Channels and Neurochemistry
Neuroscience - General
Neuroscience - Integrative, Functional, and Cognitive
Neuroscience - Neurodegeneration and Neurological disorders
Oncology, Tumor Immunology/Immuno-oncology, and Therapy
Pharmacology and Toxicology/Environmental Health
Protein Structure/Structural Biology
Radiology/Imaging/PET and Neuroimaging
Signal Transduction - G-protein and Ion Channels
Stem Cells - General and Cancer
Stress, Aging, and Oxidative Stress/Free Radical Research
Systems Biology
Tumor Biology and Metastasis
Vascular Disease and Biology
Virology - DNA, RNA and Retroviruses