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Find prospective trainees

NIH investigators and staff can recruit new trainees using the application database and the OITE Job board.

Look for candidates in the application database

To hire a postbac or summer intern, authorized NIH investigators and staff must select from applicants in the Research & Training Opportunities (RTO) application system.

Get access to the application database

Access to the RTO application system is limited to NIH investigators and staff who have accounts.

To request permission to the OITE application system, contact your IC program coordinator. Your login credentials for the OITE application system are your NIH network login credentials.

Terms of use

You must agree to the RTO Applicant System ‘terms of use’ every time you use the system to search for applicants. These terms of use explicitly state that accessing the application of a friend, relative, or child of a friend for any reason represents unauthorized use of the system. Additionally, advocating on behalf of a relative violates the terms of use and cannot be tolerated. Such actions are a clear violation of the NIH Policy on Nepotism.

Search the application database

Search the Research & Training Opportunities (RTO) application system for postbac and summer applicants.

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Post a position on the OITE job board

To recruit a new postdoc, grad student, postbac, or any other position in your research group, you may post openings on the OITE Job Board.

Reach out with questions to

Register a trainee for the Academic Internship Program

Register a trainee for the Academic Internship Program by filling out this survey: Register an Academic Internship Program participant

Other recruiting options

The OITE hosts various recruiting events for new postdocs, often in the fall and attached to the NIH Career Symposium in May. Your IC might host recruiting events, check with your IC training director.

Many PIs use scientific societies and conferences, networks, and social media to post positions.