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Graduate Student Council (GSC)

A graduate-student led organization that represents Ph.D. students in the NIH intramural research program.

The GSC represents all students in the Graduate Partnerships Program by:

  • advocating on behalf of NIH graduate students and working with OITE to address issues uniquely impacting the graduate student community
  • organizing educational programs and social activities connecting students across all NIH Institutes
  • working to increase the visibility of NIH graduate students within the Intramural Research Program

All graduate students in individual and institutional partnerships are welcome to join the GSC!

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GSC subcommittees

The GSC is supported by subcommittees, each focusing on a particular aspect of graduate training at NIH. Learn more, get involved, and join a subcommittee!

Organizes service and volunteer opportunities for NIH graduate students.

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Publishes a newsletter and promotes GSX, an informal way for students to share information about events and resources. Also works with FELCOM to represent the voice of graduate students in the broader training community.

Newsletter email:
Website email:

Organizes an annual research symposium, including poster sessions, platform talks, and a three-minute talk competition to showcase the research of NIH graduate students.

Plans the annual graduate student retreat with outside speakers, social activities, team building and professional development sessions.

Plans social events to bring graduate students together.

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Sponsors a seminar series where graduate students present their dissertation research.

Get Involved

The GSC Council and its committee are always looking for volunteers to support their important work. If you would like to get involved or have any questions, or ideas, reach out to