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NIH Graduate Student Seminar Series

The Graduate Student Seminar Series (GS3) is a monthly event showcasing the doctoral dissertation research of graduate students in the NIH Graduate Partnerships Program.  Students at all stages of their dissertation work share their current findings with the diverse NIH community, including postbaccalaureates, graduate students, postdoctorates, and staff scientists, to receive professional feedback on both their data and presentation skills.

Seminars are held on the third Thursday of each month at the NIH Bethesda campus, Building 50, Room 1227, from 1:00-2:00pm.

For more information or to present at a future GS3, email:


2014 GS3 Schedule

February 20 1:00pm Farhoud Faraji (NCI; Saint Louis University)
Matt Kutys (NIDCR; University of North Carolina)
March 20 1:00pm Yevgeniy Gindin (NCI; Boston University)
Amit Kumar (NIDDK; Johns Hopkins University)
April 17 1:00pm Christie Campla (NEI; University of Oxford)
Geoffrey Vargish (NICHD; Brown University)
May 15 1:00pm Kate Sapra (NICHD; Columbia University)
Andrew Ishizuka (NIAID; University of Oxford)
June 19 1:00pm Kevin Tosh (NIAID; Georgetown University)
Bennett Waxse (NICHD; University of Cambridge)
July 17 1:00pm Allyson Byrd (NHGRI/NIAID; Boston University)
Oleg Milberg (NIDCR; Rutgers University)
August 21 1:00pm Joshua Spurrier (NINDS; Johns Hopkins University)
Catherine Hegarty (NIMH; Brown University)
September 18 1:00pm Monica Federoff (NIA; University College London)
Kailan Sierra-Davidson (NIAID; University of Oxford)
October 16 1:00pm Davis Vigneault (CC; University of Oxford)
David Bulger (NIDDK; University of Cambridge)
November 20 1:00pm Xiutang Cheng (NINDS; Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Erica Grodin (NIAAA; Brown University)