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Postdoctoral Fellow - Integral Membrane Enzymes & Transition Metal Transporters

About the position

The Banerjee lab is ( in the intramural program of the NIH. Our research focuses on understanding the chemical and cellular mechanisms of integral membrane enzymes and transition metal transporters. We use a combination of cryoEM, crystallography, in vitro biochemistry and biophysics in combination with cell biological experiments. We are also interested in developing small molecule probes for some of our target proteins using high throughput screening. We interact with numerous labs in the intramural program in supergroup meeting settings. Thus, trainees get a wide exposure to diverse areas in biomedical science, besides gaining a deep expertise in their own specific project area.

We are interested in two areas of research - 1) mechanisms of lipid modification of proteins and 2) transition metal transport and homeostasis. Postdoctoral fellows can have project in one or both areas. Postdoctoral fellows get trained in various methods that can range from biochemistry, molecular biology, structural biology, chemical biology and cell biology. They have their independent projects that they drive on their own and also collaborate with other lab members on other projects. They are expected to be responsible and mature scientists, take ownership of their projects, think independently about results and troubleshooting, make themselves familiar with literature in their project and the wider research area and commit themselves to the success of their project goals. They are encouraged to come up with their own ideas and new directions in their projects and ultimately start new projects. Postdoctoral fellows frequently get the opportunity to train junior trainees such as postbac fellows. They are expected to take the role of mentoring seriously. Although not needed to fund their positions, postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to apply to postdoctoral fellowships that are available within the intramural program as well as outside. We are a friendly, hardworking lab from diverse origins and scientific backgrounds. Collegiality, research integrity, free sharing of knowledge, collaboration and respect for diversity are very important to us.

Apply for this vacancy

What you'll need to apply

Please send an email to Anirban at with a CV, names of three referees, a description of your research interests and why is our lab of interest to you. Please feel free to comment on specific projects that are of interest to you.

Contact name

Anirban Banerjee

Contact email


Having experience in one of more of the following is expected -

  • Molecular biology techniques such as PCR based mutagenesis, design and creation of constructs using basic molecular biology techniques.
  • Protein purification
  • Biochemical and biophysical assays
  • Chemical biology
  • Any structural biology technique

Experience with mammalian cell culture, membrane proteins or cryoEM will be added advantage.

Disclaimer/Fine Print

The NIH is dedicated to building a community in its training and employment programs and encourages the application and nomination of qualified women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities.