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Postdoctoral Fellow - Tumor immunology, Lung cancer

National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD and surrounding area

About the position

A post-doctoral position in tumor immunology is available in the lab of Dr. Chen Zhao, Thoracic and GI Malignancies Branch, CCR, NCI in Bethesda, MD. Our research focuses on understanding the complex interactions among tumor cells, immune cells, and microbes in the tumor microenvironment in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. We have established genetically engineered mouse models, including the KP model, and advanced tissue imaging (static and intravital imaging) platforms.

We are looking for a postdoctoral fellow with a strong interest in tumor immunology to join us. Potential research areas include:

  • Interactions between myeloid cells and T cells in TME of lung cancer
  • Crosstalk among intratumor microbiome, tumor cells, and immune cells

In general, our goal is to create an environment for training future leaders in tumor immunology research. We expect the candidate to develop a research program in 4-5 years. The candidate will spend the first year developing the system and identifying research questions. In the second year, the candidate will have an opportunity to hire a post-bac fellow for his/her project, which will be sponsored by the lab. We strongly believe this helps the candidate develop leadership skills, which is essential for starting his/her research group in the future. In addition, the candidate will enjoy research flexibility through the allocation of a discretionary fund of at least $2,000 per month. This fund empowers the candidate to independently determine how to allocate it towards various research needs.

Apply for this vacancy

What you'll need to apply

Please submit CV and summary of research experience to:

Contact name

Dr. Chen Zhao

Contact email


  • Highly motivated candidate with a strong interest in tumor immunology
  • Expertise in immunology, molecular biology, or cancer biology
  • Experiences in molecular cloning
  • Have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree

Additional Information

The NIH is an equal opportunity employer, and applicants from all backgrounds, including minorities and women, are strongly encouraged to apply.