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Trainees and fellows in the Intramural Research Program work within research groups led by PIs, or other senior leaders, who serve as both supervisor and mentor.

Supervisors make sure work gets done; they set assignments and tend to the needs of the group. Supervisors consider the needs of individuals in the group, but making progress and achieving their broader goals are more immediate concerns.

Mentors support your scientific, personal, career and professional growth. They guide your research and challenge you to develop independence. Mentors also share knowledge, provide encouragement, inspire you, help you find other mentors, and support you in developing your career goals and finding the resources needed to achieve these goals.

Above all, you should be able to trust that mentors have your best interests in mind. It is important that you find an environment where you can grow as a scientist and professional. To support you in this, we provide specific recommendations for you as you find a research group to host you. We discuss best practices for the search process and provide resources to help you prepare for interviews and make decisions.