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NIH Career Symposium

The Annual NIH Career Symposium aims to highlight the diversity of career choices available to your generation of biomedical researchers.  Whether you are a new graduate student, postdoc, or clinical fellow just beginning to consider career options or a senior student/fellow ready to look for a job, the NIH Career Symposium is for you.

The Annual NIH Career Symposium is usually scheduled for May.  In 2012 that date is May 18.

The Symposium includes panels and workshops with over 75 speakers.  There are typically 12-16 Panel sessions covering a spectrum of careers including; academics, industry, government, patents/tech transfer, policy, and communications.  The end of the day finishes with Skill Blitzes: Twenty minute sessions to help you gather the tools and resources critical for your job search. The goal is to give you skills you can use immediately to act upon the information that you learned in the Symposium.

Please note: This is NOT a job fair; it is a place for you to gain information about your next step in your career.  There are NO recruiting tables.

While the NIH Career Symposium is planned for intramural trainees, we welcome graduate students and postdocs from outside of the NIH Intramural Research Program to attend.

Highlights from past NIH Career Symposiums

6th Annual NIH Career Symposium- 2013

2013 Career Symposium Synopsis
2013 Agenda

5th Annual NIH Career Symposium- 2012

2012 Career Symposium Synopsis
2012 Detailed Agenda
2012 Career Symposium Agenda

4th Annual NIH Career Symposium-2011

2011 Career Symposium Program
2011 Career Symposium Synopsis
2011 Career Symposium Synopsis
2011 Handout: Planning for Career Satisfaction and Success
2011 Slides: Planning for Career Satisfaction and Success BLITZ
2011 Slides: CV and Resume Writing BLITZ

3rd Annual NIH Career Symposium-2010

2010 Career Symposium Program
2010 Career Symposium Synopsis
2010 Slides: Interview Blitz  

2nd Annual NIH Career Symposium-2009

2009 Career Symposium Synopsis
2009 Slides: Academic Careers
2009 Slides: Industry Careers
2009 Slides: Job Search 101
2009 Slides: Negotiation Skills
2009 Slides: US Job Interview Skills for International Trainees
2009 Slides: Job Search Resources for International Trainees

First NIH Career Symposium-2008

2008 Video: Keynote Dr. Peter Fiske
2008 Video: Interviewing
2008 Video: Networking