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Postbac Committee

An organization representing postbacs in the NIH Intramural Research Program.

About the Postbac Committee

The Postbac Committee represents the postbac community by:

  • advocating on behalf of NIH postbacs and working with OITE to address issues and interests unique to this community
  • organizing educational programs and social activities connecting postbacs across all NIH Institutes
  • working to increase the visibility of postbacs within the Intramural Research Program

All postbacs in the Intramural Research Program are welcome to join the Postbac Committee!

Join the Postbac Committee listserv.

Reach out to us for more information on current activities.

Postbac subcommittees and liaisons

The Postbac Committee is supported by subcommittees and liaisons, each focusing on specific areas of interest and need with the postbac community. Learn more, get involved, and join a subcommittee!

Plans and promotes the Postbac Seminar Series providing postbacs the opportunity to gain experience in public speaking.

Coordinates social activities for postbacs, including periodic all-postbac lunches and other social gatherings.

Organizes volunteer community service activities.

Organizes activities related to postbac health and wellness.

Coordinates committee communication and outreach to postbacs.

Connects postbacs to resources related to graduate students.

Keeps records of activities and accomplishments of the committee

Connects postbacs with resources related to pre-health applications.

Other Information

Postbacs can use the following community social media channels to stay updated about social networking events, weekend potlucks, community service initiatives and many more exciting events. These channels are not associated with the NIH; please use a personal email to subscribe.