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UGSP Payback Information

Deferment of UGSP Payback
Your post-graduation service obligation may be deferred while you complete undergraduate, graduate or professional school programs leading to a doctoral degree. Please contact the UGSP if you wish to defer your payback during completion of your medical residency or fellowship program.

To defer your UGSP service obligation, please complete the Deferment Form.

Please notify the UGSP at when you have submitted the deferment form to the institution you are attending.


UGSP Yearlong Payback Guidelines
The service obligation incurred under the UGSP contract must be performed as an employee of the NIH, in assignments subject to the discretion of the Director.

Most scholars complete their yearlong payback obligation immediately following their final 10-week summer obligation.  Scholars who have deferred their yearlong payback must contact the UGSP at least 12 weeks prior to the desired payback start date. You are required to begin working at NIH within 60 days of completing your degree program or residency/fellowship training. If your payback deferment form states that your expected graduation date is less than one year away, the UGSP will contact you to begin planning for your return to NIH. Please note that you cannot be hired at the end of the fiscal year, between mid-August through September.

Scholars are only required to select a lab on the main NIH campus in Bethesda, MD during their summer payback obligations. During your yearlong payback, you are welcome to work at any NIH intramural campus location.  If you have already acquired a terminal degree before returning to complete your payback, it will be your responsibility to identify and confirm interviews with potential NIH mentors. If you are not local, the UGSP will work with you to arrange travel and two days lodging in the Bethesda area. Alternatively, you have the option of applying directly to an open NIH position that has been listed on an institutional website.


Renewal Criteria
As a current scholar in the NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program (UGSP), you must reapply annually for continued scholarship support (no more than 4 years of scholarship total).  To be eligible for a renewed scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled or plan to enroll as a full-time student for the upcoming academic year at an accredited 4-year undergraduate institution.
  • Have a grade point average of at least 3.3 (on a 4.0 scale) or be ranked within the top 5% of your class. 
  • Receive a favorable recommendation from your university mentor and your NIH summer research lab supervisor. 
  • Demonstrate your continued commitment to a biomedical research career by preparing three personal statements assessing the benefits you've received from the UGSP, your progress this academic year, and your goals for the next academic year.

All renewals will be contingent upon you maintaining the minimum GPA requirement, completing the entire summer program with a favorable assessment of your participation from your NIH laboratory mentor and the submission of one letter of recommendation from either your summer NIH mentor or a university mentor or advisor.

Renewal applications open in July. All applicants for renewal to the UGSP must also file for other Federal and University Financial Aid.


Renewal Application Materials (Matriculate Applications)


Key dates for UGSP Scholars

  • October 2021 - Biosketch Due
  • October 2021 - Mentor List
  • Due January 2022 - Mentor Choice
  • Due July 1, 2022 - Renewal Application Opens
  • July 22, 2022 at 11:59pm ET - Renewal Application Deadline Scholar Deadline 
  • August 5, 2022 at 11:59pm ET - Renewal Application Deadline Reference Deadline

 (Updated 13 July 2022 at 16:20ET)