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Diversity and Inclusion (DI) Series

The goal of this series is to provide opportunities to explore the intricate relationship between identities and life experiences, along with understanding the impact of diversity, inclusion, and equity in society and in science. It will cover fundamental aspects of diversity and inclusion while nurturing your growth as allies and advocates for diversity and inclusion within your workplaces, communities, and the broader scientific enterprise.

The series is helpful for trainees just starting out, those contemplating their next educational move, and those who are mentoring others. There are five sessions in the series. Each includes a lecture and small group discussion where you can share experiences and hear from peers. While it is best to attend the entire series, you may attend individual sessions. Trainees who participate in all five lectures and attend at least four small group discussions will receive a certification of completion.

Note: Unit I of this series is required for participation in the OITE Management Short Course.

This series is offered in the spring. Please see the upcoming events page for session information.