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NIH Academy on Health Disparities

An opportunity for postbacs in the Intramural Research Program to join a community of peers interested in learning about health disparities.

About the program

Activities & curriculum

This is a nine-month program for current NIH postbacs who are interested in learning about health disparities.  NIH Academy postbacs will:

  • engage in discussions to enhance their understanding of health disparities with a focus on root causes and interventions
  • reflect on ways they can contribute to eliminating health disparities, now and in their future careers
  • be part of a supportive and diverse cohort of postbacs committed to developing leadership skills and working toward becoming change agents in research and healthcare

Certificate of completion requirements

Participants may engage in some or all aspects of the curriculum and are welcome to attend activities that interest them the most. Those who complete the minimum participation requirements will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

The requirements to receive a certificate include participating in:

  • an orientation/welcome meeting
  • an introductory seminar on health disparities
  • a session on navigating difficult conversations and healthy conflict
  • at least four health disparities seminars and two small group discussions with the speaker
  • two lectures and discussion groups focused on diversity and inclusion
  • two career panels
  • at least two community service activities

How to participate

The NIH Academy on Health Disparities program activities take place in-person on the NIH Bethesda campus. We welcome postbacs on all NIH campuses, and options for participation vary by campus:

  • if you are on the Bethesda campus, you must attend in person
  • if you are on a campus close to Bethesda (e.g., Twinbrook, Shady Grove), you are encouraged to attend in person, but may participate remotely
  • If you are on more distant campuses, you may participate virtually

Eligibility criteria

To join the NIH Academy on Health Disparities program, you must:

  • be a current postbac in the NIH Intramural Research Program
  • commit to active participation in the curriculum
  • have support of your PI for participation in program activities

Before you apply

Consider your commitments, within and out of your research group, and be sure that you have the time and energy to participate in the program. The program requires a substantial time commitment and may not be appropriate for postbacs currently applying to professional or graduate school. Also, discuss your participation with your PI before submitting your application.

Opening and closing dates

The NIH Academy on Health Disparities application is now closed and will open in August 2024.

How to apply

Complete the online application

You will need to submit:

  • Basic contact information
  • A letter of interest, not to exceed 500 words. The letter should address:
    • Why you want to participate in this program
    • What you hope to learn
    • Health disparities topics that interest you the most
    • How the program will advance your career goals

Selection process

A selection committee will review applications and notify applicants about their status by the end of September.