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Workplace Dynamics (WPD) Series

A series to help you work effectively on teams and develop skills to become a better colleague, leader, and manager.

About the series

The material in this series will increase your awareness of work, communication, and conflict styles, using examples highly relevant to research environments. The series is helpful for trainees and fellows at all levels. The series is also helpful for fellows who supervise others and want to develop strong mentoring skills for the future.

How to attend

There are three sessions in the series; each is offered once in the fall and spring. While it is best to attend the entire series, you may attend individual sessions. Trainees and fellows who complete all three units of the Workplace Dynamic Series will receive a certificate of completion. All three units of this series are required for participation in the OITE Management Short Course offered each spring.


  1. WPD I: Self-Awareness, the Key to Professional Success

    In this session, we explore themes of self-awareness and self-management. We will discuss your preferences, work, and communication styles that influence interactions you encounter in any research group or workgroup.

  2. WPD II: Conflict & Difficult Conversations

    This interactive workshop provides an accessible framework for conflict management as well as for giving and receiving personal feedback.

  3. WPD III: Team Skills

    The workshop focuses on spotting the stages of group development and how-to shepherd teams through rough spots, conflict and growing pains, even when you are not the boss.

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