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U.S. English and Culture

Good communication is essential to success.  While communicating in English can be challenging for native English speakers, it can feel even more difficult for Visiting Fellows who may not yet had the opportunity to master English and/or U.S. culture. That said, it is essential for scientists and clinicians to hone their communication skills to move forward in their careers.

You are the only one who has the power to improve your English. No matter how long you live in the U.S., improved English skills require regular practice. We recognize that figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming.  This site aims to make finding what you need a little bit easier.

Activities aimed at assisting you with improving your ability to communicate with individuals in your research group and your community are listed below.  We hope you will read more about them and take advantage of those that interest you.* 

For questions or to suggest new activities that might benefit all Visiting Fellows, contact Dr. Ana Ribeiro in the OITE.

* Please note: This list is for informational purposes only. Except for OITE offerings, the OITE has not reviewed these classes and cannot endorse any particular offering. You will need to do additional research to determine the appropriateness of a class or activity.

English Communication for Visiting Scientists

 An intensive two-day course to help non-native English speakers communicate more easily with their colleagues in the U.S.

U.S. English Resources

 Suggestions for classes and activities to enhance your ability to communicate with U.S. colleagues


 A listserv to assist you in finding partners who will practice English with you.