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Wellness at the NIH

Check out the Results of the 2022 OITE Well-Being Campaign

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Schedule an appointment with a wellness advisor

For trainees in the Intramural Program only. Please email

The Mental Health and Well-being of Biomedical Researchers Series

Learn coping strategies and tools to support our own mental health and that of others.

  • For trainees at all levels, PIs and other researchers, administrators, and faculty, both intramural and extramural
  • Monthly workshops from December 2021 to May 2022
  • Q&A Sessions and small-group discussions facilitated by experienced mental health practitioners

Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series

Develop the resilience you need to succeed in high-knowledge environments.

  • Five workshops
  • Five associated small-group discussions
  • Certificate for completion

Small Groups

Engage with your peers, explore wellness topics in a safe space. Find the events listed under Upcoming Events.

Resilience Groups

Drop-in groups focused on resilience topics such as

  • Anxiety, depression, and other challenges
  • Self-compassion at the holidays
  • LGBTQIA+ trainees
  • Connecting at the holidays

Wellness Support Groups

Standing support groups that meet for 8 weeks to bring together trainees with similar identities, experiences, or needs, e.g.,

  • Connecting in a time of loneliness
  • Lab transitions

Wellness Skill-building Groups

Groups meet over 4-6 weeks to develop tangible wellness skills such as

  • Emotional regulation
  • Organizing, planning, and executing skills
  • Stress management
  • Overcoming procrastination

Informal Wellness Activities

Find these informal events listed under Upcoming Events.

  • Mindfulness meditation focusing on wellness (several sessions a week)
  • Journaling to tune in to your thoughts, emotions, and goals (twice a month)
  • Thriving Thursdays to address the four aspects of self-care: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Diversity Coffee Chat Series

The NIH OITE Wellness Team will be offering a Diversity Coffee Chat Series. The goal of the series is to offer postbacs, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows a space to reflect on their intersectional identities and the impact of systemic issues on individuals, groups, and communities as it relates to the world of science.  

Finding an NIH Community

Trainee communities to build connections

  • Network of African American Fellows
  • NIH SACNAS Chapter
  • LGBT-Fellows and Friends
  • Fellows of All Abilities

Wellness Resources Online

Playlists and videos on the OITE YouTube channel

The OITE Careers Blog

No cost Talkspace online therapy and psychiatry for NIH trainees who participate in the FAES health insurance plan