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Academic faculty

Resources to help you prepare for a faculty position

Whether you are interested in teaching-intensive positions at a primarily undergraduate institution or in research-intensive positions at universities, our resources can help you strengthen your application and prepare to interview.

Attend workshops

Learn how to prepare an application package, interview, negotiate, and transition to a faculty position at a university or college. Our current workshop offerings are:

  • Faculty/Research Careers in the Intramural Research Program
  • Applying for Faculty Positions (Overview, Job Packages)
  • Faculty Job Interviews
  • Negotiating Faculty Job Offers
  • Understanding the US academic system

You can also hear directly from current faculty and many NIH alumni in faculty positions at our Virtual NIH Career Symposium in May.

Academic job search workshops occur throughout the academic year, both in-person and online. Search OITE events for offerings and explore videos on the OITE YouTube channel.

Get help with grant writing

Explore best practices for writing a grant or fellowship in our annual spring workshop or watch the material on-demand here. Check with your IC training director for IC-specific resources as grant writing is best learned through the lens of your discipline and research focus.

Explore funding opportunities available to Fellows in the NIH IRP.

Application and negotiation assistance

Intramural postdocs, clinical and research fellows can get personalized guidance from OITE staff on their application packets and with job negotiations. Reach out for assistance.

Join a faculty job search group group

This group is facilitated by OITE staff and provides current faculty applicants support, feedback, and accountability. Participants provide peer review of documents, discuss strategies for applying, explore stress management and well-being skills, and help motivate each other.

The group meets virtually to accommodate trainees on all NIH campuses. It begins in the late summer and runs throughout the fall; registration is announced on OITE listservs and on our events page.



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