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NIH Career Symposium

A virtual multi-day event highlighting career paths available to biomedical researchers

About the symposium

The NIH Career Symposium is a virtual event highlighting the diversity of career choices available to biomedical researchers. This event provides career exploration and networking opportunities for graduate students, postdocs, and fellows in the NIH Intramural Research Program. Graduate students and postdocs from outside the NIH are also welcome to attend.

Whether you’re a graduate student, a postdoc, clinical fellow, or a senior student looking for a job, this event will help you explore your career options. Come to hear from professionals and peers and learn strategies for navigating the job search process.

Event highlights

During this multi-day event we’ll host speakers from across the biomedical workforce. The agenda includes:

  • Nine panels than span a broad range of careers
  • Talks exploring what the data tell us about:
    • Where biomedical researchers work
    • Current hiring trends in various sectors, and
    • The job search for international scientists.

OITE staff will present strategies for navigating the job search and its ups and downs.

On Friday, May 17 there will be an opportunity for trainees not at the NIH to explore training opportunities within the Intramural Research Program.

Register in Whova to see the full agenda and learn more!

Symposium dates and schedule

The 2024 NIH Career Symposium will take place May 14-17, 2024. The event is virtual and held online via the Whova event platform.

The program of events for 2024 will be announced in late April 2024.

How to attend

Register to attend

Registration for the 2024 NIH Career Symposium is now open! Please note that, in addition to registering for a ticket, you must also create a Whova account in order to log in to the event.

NIH Intramural trainees should use the link sent to them in the email from OITE and register using their NIH email address.

Graduate students and postdocs from outside the NIH can register using the link below.

Outside the NIH? Register here

Organizing committee

Each year graduate students, postdocs, and fellows, in conjunction with OITE staff, organize the symposium. Members of the symposium committee include:

  • Natalie Atyeo, Research Fellow, NIDCR
  • Harrison Daly, Postdoc Fellow, NCATS
  • Marlena Fisher, Postdoc Fellow, NHGRI
  • Avery Funkhouser, Medical Research Scholars Program Fellow, NCI
  • David Haggerty, Postdoc Fellow, NIAAA
  • Vani Pande, Postdoc Fellow, NCI
  • Helen Parker, Postdoc Fellow, NICHD
  • Dominik Reichert, Graduate Student, NEI
  • Jennifer Strong, Medical Research Scholars Program Fellow, NIAMS
  • Anushka Wickramaratne, Postdoc Fellow, NCI
  • Bengi Yavuz, Postdoc Fellow, NCI
  • Caleb Ng, OD

OITE staff members:

  • Emily Summerbell, Program Manager, Office of Postdoctoral Services
  • Laura Marler, Director, Office of Postdoctoral Services
  • Sharolyn Kawakami-Schulz, Resource Manager, Special Projects Lead

Past events

Couldn’t make it to the live event? You can access an archive of Career Symposia information online. Note that some events, including career-path specific break out rooms, were not recorded.

Selected recordings from 2023