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[SIP] Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series: Drop-in Group Discussion 2: Cognitive Distortions and Imposter Fears

Speaker: Various Speakers, OITE

About this event

This facilitated small group discussion will allow you to reflect on the material from “Becoming a Resilient Scientist Series Unit 2” in a safe and confidential space. We will discuss how the materials relate to your own life, learn from each other, and support one another.

**Attendees must attend or watch the lecture portion of the series prior to attending this discussion group.

Attend this event


Jun 18, 2024


4pm - 5pm


Building 2, Room 2W15

Intended Audience

Summer Interns

How to attend

This event will be held concurrently in both virtual and in-person formats, however, there will be no hybrid option. You have the option to attend either event but not both, as each group will meet separately at the same time.

Register here. You may register for both the online and in-person discussion groups using this link.

Accommodations and additional information

American Sign Language interpreting services, CART services, and other reasonable accommodations are available upon request. Individuals who need interpreting services and/or other reasonable accommodations to participate in this event should contact OITE at or the NIH Interpreting Office directly at Requests should be made at least five business days in advance, when possible, in order to ensure interpreter availability.