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More Postdoc Resources

  • NIH Fellows Committee (FelCom): This organization, with members from each of the Institutes/Centers, represents postdoc interests to the NIH administration and works to improve the postdoc environment at the NIH.  FelCom sponsors career exploration workshops, contributes to the organization of major events like the Career Symposium, and plans social and community outreach events.
    • Visiting Fellows Subcommittee: A subcommittee of FelCom that works to enrich the experience of international scholars training at the NIH
    • FARE (Fellows Award for Research Excellence)
  • Fellows Editorial Board: The NCI/CCR Fellows Editorial Board offers NIH and FDA trainees a free, confidential scientific document-editing service.
  • Educational Loan Deferments: Available for fellows who are appointed as IRTA/CRTAs or Visiting Fellows, i.e., those not considered employees.
  • "Keep the Thread" program:  The Committee on the NIH Intramural Research Program of the NIH Working Group on Women in Biomedical Careers has launched a new, three-year pilot program to increase flexibility for NIH intramural fellows who need alternative career development schedules.  This "Keep the Thread" program is an accommodation and reentry program open to all IRTA postdoctoral fellows, with the approval of their principal investigator and Scientific Director.  Emphasizing flexibility, the program offers an array of options ranging from alternative work schedules to temporary part-time work options.  The goal of the Keep the Thread program is to encourage trainees to stay connected to the NIH community during times of intense personal or caregiving needs in order to facilitate eventual reentry into full-time research.  The program encourages fellows and their PIs to work together to design an accommodation and reentry plan that meets the needs of both the fellow and the laboratory.
  • Intramural Loan Repayment Program: For those appointed as NIH employees; this includes Research and Clinical Fellows
  • National Postdoctoral Association External Link

Getting Grants

Additional Training Opportunities (Tech transfer, writing, science policy)

Educational Resources

Resources for Visiting Fellows