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OITE Pre-med Resources

Professional (Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Nursing, etc.) School Advising for Postbacs
Online Resources for Pre-meds from the OITE

Online Medical School Personal Statement Prep Course (PSPC)

Other Resouces for Medical School Applicants

Professional (medical, dental veterinary, nursing, Etc.) school advising for Postbacs

The OITE Career Services Center includes Elena Hernandez-Ramon, MD/PhD, Director, Pre-Med Programs, and Bill Higgins, PhD, Pre-med Adviser.  They can help you with deciding where to apply, crafting your application, writing your personal statement, preparing for the MCAT, and interviewing. Ais you can imagine, demand for their services is high.  The following guidelines and resources will help you to make the best possible use of the time you spend with a pre-med advisor. 

Please note that from Oct 1, 2017-December 31, 2017, Dr. Higgins will be conducting appointments by telephone.  When you make an appointment via the online system please leave a telephone number that he can reach you at.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: When you schedule an appointment for advising, counseling or a mock interview, you should be prepared to honor that commitment. If you fail to cancel the appointment several hours in advance, that time cannot be given to another fellow.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Prior to making an appointment, trainees are expected to have attended the relevant pre-med workshops or viewed them on the OITE Web site (see "Resources" below) and, if appropriate, edited their personal statements accordingly.

Limitations on Pre-professional Advising for Applicants to Graduate and Professional School: The OITE is committed to assisting postbacs and summer interns with the application process for graduate and professional (medical, dental, pharmacy, etc.) school. However, given the large number of trainees interested in this service and the need for application materials to reflect the applicants' interests and skills, we want to clarify the extent and nature of the services we can provide.

  • The Office of Career Services will review one final draft of a personal statement for graduate or professional school. The Staff will not review secondary application essays or review a statement more than once. An applicant may request a review from only one OITE staff member.
  • Counselors and other OITE staff members will review the content of personal statements, including the structure and organization of the essay and whether the message intended by the applicant is being effectively communicated. The service does not include correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. We will refer trainees to grammar and punctuation resources, many of which are now available on our Writing Resources page.
  • Staff members in the Office of Career Services and other OITE staff members will assist applicants with preparation for interviews. Unless there are extenuating circumstances such as extreme anxiety, applicants will be eligible for only one mock interview or discussion of the interview process.
  • Overall, the OITE staff will meet with applicants a maximum of twice during the pre-application season. The two-appointment limit will apply to application review, interview preparation, and pre-med advising. Trainees may schedule additional visits should they need assistance with other career planning issues.
  • The OITE Staff members will review an applicant's FINAL version the of AMCAS personal statement and, if time permits during an appointment, the FINAL draft of the AMCAS Activities section. This review occurs after AMCAS opens in early May and before the applicant submits the final AMCAS application in early June. An applicant may receive one such review.
  • OITE advisers do not replace an applicant's university pre-medical committee, and therefore do not review personal statements for these groups.


Online Resources for Pre-meds from the OITE

Applying to Medical School: Assessing Your Application (6/25/2013) an overview of everything you need to know to get into medical school.

Interviewing for Professional School (9/21/2009)

Advice from the Trenches: Getting to Professional School (6/30/2009) medical school deans of admission talk about the admissions process.

MD/PhD: Is It for You? (7/20/2012)

Applying to Medical School (1/18/2011)

Writing Personal Statements for Professional School (3/29/2012; NOTE that you may need to click on "CC" to make the closed captioning visible.)

Preparing for the MCAT 2015 (NOTE: this is a YouTube video)

Medical School Application Schedule for Admission in Fall 2018 (handout)

Identifying Medical Schools for Your AMCAS application (handout)

Guidelines for REAPPLYING to Medical School (handout)

Osteopathic Medicine and the AACOMAS Application 2016 (5/21/2015) External Link NOTE: Only the audio and the slides were captured; our sincere apologies.

Other Useful OITE Resources


Online Medical School Personal Statement Prep Course (PSPC)

The OITE has just created an Online Medical School Personal Statement Prep Course. This course was designed to provide you a structured guide to writing a strong personal statement for your Medical School Application. We invite you to read the information below and register to participate!

Be a Postbac or Special Volunteer at NIH applying to medical school for fall 2018 enrollment (submitting in summer 2017).

Course Goals:
1. Learn the purpose of the Personal Statement for Medical Schools
2. Reflect on and select the appropriate experiences to share in the Personal Statement
3. Get guidance at the middle of the process from a pre-medical advisor on what experiences to write about
4. Learn strategies to organize Personal Statement paragraphs
5. Learn how to edit the Personal Statement

After finishing the course, the student will be able to make an appointment with an OITE pre-medical advisor for a final review of the statement.
Please register HERE by February 15th to ensure that you submit your assignments in a timely fashion and are able to schedule your mid-process and final appointments.  (NOTE: Registration will remain open after this date.  You will just have to work a bit faster to complete the course.)

If you have any questions, please contact Elena E Hernandez Ramon MD/PhD, OITE Pre-medical Advisor.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A new type of 15-minute appointment has been created for postbacs completing the Medical School Personal Statement Prep Course and ONLY for those postbacs. After you have completed the first two course modules and submitted your list of 5 to 6 meaningful experiences, please select one of the appointments listed as 15minPSPC. Drs. Elena Hernandez-Ramon, Bill Higgins, John Taborn, and Pat Sokolove will be posting appointments. The goal of the appointment will be to create your personal statement backbone.

Other Resources for Medical School Applicants


Application-related Reources

AAMC Competencies:

MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements):

AMCAS Application Grade Conversion Guide (applicants don't have to do these calculations, this is just for students' reference; AMCAS makes these calculations for you after you submit your application):

AMCAS Application Course Classification Guide:

MCAT resources from AAMC:

MD/PhD Program Policies:

Clinical Exposure and Community Service Opportunities

Clinical Center Rounds Opportunities are summarized at  The incloude

  • The Undiagnosed Diseases Program/Clinical Rounds on Thursdays at 10:15 am
  • Liver Rounds on Thursdays at 8:30 am
  • Intensive Care Rounds every morning from 7:45 to 10:00 am.  Email to sign up and get location.

Information from the University of Maryand website on ocal hospitals/clinics and other opportunities:

Information about shadowing DOs:

Check out the Greater Bethesda American Medical Student Association.

Financing Your Medical School Education

National Health Service Corps:

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC): and

American Medical Association: or go directly to AMA Financial Aid,

National Medical Association:

The Student National Medical Association:

The National Association of Medical Minority Educators, Inc. (NAMME):, a list of financial aid resources for medical and graduate school:

Check Out Posts on the OITE Careers Blog Related to Professional School

Titles include: Staying Sane during the Waiting Game for Professional School Admission; MD/PhD: Is It Right for You?; MCAT Meltdown - Dealing with Test Anxiety; You Didn't Get into Medical School - Now What?  And that's only the beginning.