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The OITE Pre-medical Program offers one-on-one appointments, weekly Q&A sessions, workshops, an online personal statement course, group mock interviews, and resources, including a suggested application timeline to assist trainees with the application process for MD, MD/PhD, DO, and dental programs, and other health professions (e.g., pharmacy, nursing, veterinary).


We recommend that all new premed schedule a one-on-one appointment with a pre-med advisor during the first two to three months after arriving at the NIH to discuss health professions, their motivations to pursue clinical careers, and ways to strengthen their application. If necessary, the pre-med advisor may suggest a follow-up appointment before the onset of the application cycle (April to June).

During the application cycle, you may schedule one appointment for a review of your personal statement. We strongly encourage trainees to both attend a personal statement workshop and complete the OITE Online Personal Statement Prep Course prior to the appointment. Occasionally, we may offer a second appointment to finish reviewing application materials; additional essays, such as those required for MD/PhD programs; or the “Disadvantaged Information” section in AMCAS.

You need an account on the OITE website to use the online scheduler to make an appointment. You can make an appointment with one of the four pre-med advisors.

Elena Hernandez Ramon, MD/PhD
William Higgins, PhD
John Taborn, PhD
Britney Hardy, PhD

Please do not make appointments with (or email) multiple advisors to discuss the same issue. The Pre-med Program serves hundreds of students, and our resources are finite. If you believe you have a good reason to request a second appointment, please contact Dr. Elena Hernandez Ramon by email to discuss the possibility.

If you learn that you will be unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it immediately so that we can give the time to another trainee.


During these virtual Q&A sessions, the pre-medical team will answer questions about the medical school application and AMCAS and MCAT updates. We are also happy to discuss other general questions. These sessions are not consecutive; you can attend one or more and as many as you want. 

You can register for these sessions HERE. (To find the sessions, run a keyword search using ALL the following: MD, MD/PhD, application, Q&A.)


Pre-med advisors have planned the workshop schedule below for the 2022-2023 academic year. These workshops will help you analyze your past experiences; identify ways to strengthen your application; familiarize yourself with the actual application; use strategies to prepare for the MCAT; learn about applying to MD/PhD programs; and, if necessary, reapply with a stronger application.

Workshops to Prepare You for Matriculating in Fall 2024

Choosing and Applying to Medical School, September 17th, 2020
Preparing for the MCAT Part I: Study Tips and Test-taking Strategies, October 1st, 2020
Reapplying to Medical School, Oct 8th, 2020
Preparing for the MCAT Part II: MCAT Essentials and Test Day Preparation, October15th, 2020
Preparing for the MCAT Part III,  November 19th, 2020
Interviewing for Medical School: Preparation and Performance, August 5th, 2020
Writing Personal Statements for Medical School, February 4th, 2021
Tips on Filling Out the AMCAS , April 29th, 2021

IMPORTANT NOTES: (1) These earlier videos contain essentially the same content as the workshops presented during the 2021-22 academic year (2) You can find additional videos for pre-meds on the OITE YouTube Playlist entitled "Professional School: Preparation & Resources". These include, for example, "Strengthening Your Application to Medical School" and "Reapplying to Medical School".


We open an Online Medical School Personal Statement (and MD/PhD Essay) Prep Course (PSPC) every February. This course provides a structured guide to writing a strong personal statement. It includes direct messages from medical school admissions personnel and advice on writing effective MD/PhD and Significant Research Experience essays.

Course Goals:

  1. Learn how medical schools use the Personal Statement
  2. Reflect on and select appropriate experiences to share in the Personal Statement
  3. Obtain general guidance from pre-medical advisors through open discussions
  4. Learn strategies for organizing Personal Statement paragraphs
  5. Learn how to edit the Personal Statement
  6. Learn about important components of MD/PhD and Significant Research Experience essays

We hold live chat discussions to answer quick questions and get to know students. After finishing the course, students will be able to make an appointment with an OITE pre-med advisor for a final review of the statement.

The OITE sends an email with information on how to register for the PSPC at the beginning of February.


Every year the OITE organizes a series of virtual group mock interviews from mid-August to October for NIH trainees who anticipate interviewing for medical school that fall. (Mock interviews are not for individuals who have not yet applied.) We practice the most common questions for one-on-one interviews and review tips for MMIs.  Trainees will receive information about these sessions by email in August. If you start your fellowship after this time, have already submitted your application, and are interested in this resource, please send an email to

To register, you must use your Postbac account on the OITE website.


Medical School Application Timeline for Matriculation in Fall 2024




Clinical Exposure Resources
(for when the coronavirus pandemic has subsided)

 Useful AAMC links:

Medical Student Pride Alliance

has published a “report card” for LGBTQ support and equity initiatives at 30+ medical schools. You can find the report at

 DO Schools:

 Financing Your Medical School Education:


If you have other questions about the information on this webpage, please contact the director of the Pre-medical Program, Dr. Elena Hernandez Ramon.

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