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A note to our colleagues outside the NIH: These presentations were developed for an audience of NIH trainees.  Sometimes they will contain information that is very specific to trainees at the NIH.  In general, however, we believe that you will find most of the information helpful wherever you are working.


For Everyone

Science Skills
Grants and Grant Writing

For College Students and Postbacs

Getting to Professional (Medical/Dental) School
Getting to Graduate School 
Career Exploration


Special Event

NIH Academy Videocasts on Health Disparities


For Everyone



Talking Science: Designing and Delivering Successful Oral Presentations (1/11/2013)
Creating and Presenting Dynamic Posters
(7/11/2013) Icon NEW
Improving Spoken English  (6/5/2009)
Communicating Science: Tools for Scientists and Engineers (12/15/2009)
Using LinkedIn Effectively: Seventh in the "How to" Series (4/30/2012)

 Science Skills

Successfully Publishing a Scientific Paper (3/16/2009)
Mentoring Training Seminar: Summer Interns Are Coming: Are You Ready? (4/28/2010)
Double workshop: Tips for Mentoring a Summer Intern and Leading a Journal Club (5/1/2012)

Grants/Grant Writing

Grant Writing 101 (1/18/2013)
Introduction to Grant Writing I: Demystifying the NIH Grant Review Process (6/29/2010)
Introduction to Grant Writing II: Strategies for Writing Effective Training and Research Plans (7/14/2010)


  • Career Exploration

Exploring Careers (11/20/2008)
Non-bench Careers for Scientists at NIH (11/16/2009)

The "How to" series:
Careers in Science Education and Outreach: A "How to" Workshop (11/23/10)
Careers in Regulatory Affairs: Second in the "How to" Series (11/23/10)
Careers in Tech Transfer: Third in the "How to " Series (2/16/11)
Careers in Science Policy: Fourth in the "How to" Series (2/16/11)
Careers in Global Health: Fifth in the "How to" Series (4/13/11)
Careers in Science Writing: Sixth in the "How to Series" (4/30/2012)
Using LinkedIn Effectively: Seventh in the "How to" Series (4/30/2012)
Careers in Science Policy (11/13/2008)
Science Policy: Shaping the Role of Science in Society (10/9/2007)
Careers in Grants Management: Eighth in the "How to" Series (6/5/12)
Careers in the Federal Government: Ninth in the "How to" Series (7/18/12)

Careers in Technology Transfer (6/17/2013) Icon NEW
Careers in Epidemiology and Behavioral Sciences (5/14/13) Icon NEW 
Careers in Government (3/11/13)
Careers in Industry (2/11/13)
Careers in Science Editing (10/16/12)

  • The Job Search Process

Planning for Career Satisfaction & Success - Defining the Process 
CVs and ResumesL Essential Job Search Documents 
Expanding Your Career Networks 
Interviewing Skills

  • Other Job Search Skills

CVs and Resumes: Essential Job Search Documents (9/1/2009)
Networking! Networking! Networking! (4/9/2008)
Interviewing Etiquette and Skills (4/9/2008)
Getting the Most Out of a Job Fair (9/6/2007)
Career Counseling Workshop: Planning for Career Satisfaction and Success (6/12/2007)
Finding a Postdoc  (3/17/2009)
Using LinkedIn Effectively: Seventh in the "How to" Series (4/30/2012)

  • The Industry Job Search

Top 10 List: Things Scientists Ask about Finding an Industry Job (11/28/2012)
Industry Careers Job Search and Overview (1/24/2013)
An Overview of Careers in Industry for PhD Scientists (10/5/2009)
The Industry Job Search: Navigating the Application Process (12/7/2009) 
Resumes and Cover Letters for Industry (11/18/2008) 
Industry: Interviews (3/4/2013)
Making the Transition to Industry (4/6/2010)

  • The Academic Job Search

Academic Job Search Overview (9/14/2009)
Academic Job Interviews (11/2/2009)
How to Give an Effective Job Talk (6/30/2008)
Evaluating Positions and Negotiating Job Offers (2010) (1/14/2010) 
Transitioning Successfully from Postdoc to Faculty (Making the Move to Academia; 3/16/10)

For College students and postbacs 

Interviewing Basics (7/20/2012)
Applying to the NIH Postbac Program (7/20/2012)

Getting to Professional (Medical/Dental) School

Applying to Medical School: Assessing Your Application (6/25/2013) an overview of everything you need to know to get into medical school. Icon NEW
Interviewing for Professional School (9/21/2009)
Advice from the Trenches: Getting to Professional School (6/30/2009)
MD/PhD: Is It for You? (6/30/2009)
Applying to Medical School (1/18/2011)
Writing Personal Statements for Professional School (3-29-12; NOTE that you may need to click on "CC" to make the closed captioning visible.)
Preparing for the MCAT (12/7/2010)
Medical School Application Schedule for Admission in August 2015 (handout)

Getting to Graduate School

Everything You Need to Know to Get into Graduate School (June 18, 2013) Icon NEW
Getting to Graduate School (from the 2010 Graduate & Professional School Fair) (7/8/2010) 
Preparing for the GRE - featuring the NEW computer-based GRE (9/5/2012)
Choosing and Applying to Graduate School (9/23/2010)
Writing Personal Statements for Graduate School (10/5/2010)
Interviewing for Graduate School (12/13/2010)
Writing a Research Proposal (for your dissertation)

Career Exploration

Psychology: From Admissions to Career Opportunities (10/24/11)
Public Health from Admissions to Career Opportunities (7/8/2010)


An Exceptionally Exciting Time for Biomedical Research, a Summer Lecture by Francis Collins, MD/PhD, Director of the NIH (6/16/2013).  Dr. Collins discusses twenty-first century science and his own collaborative work on progeria, the premature aging disease.  Be certain to watch until the end for a special treat.Icon NEW
The Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction: What We Know. a Summer Lecture by Nora Volkow, MD, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (7/12/2013) Icon NEW
The Big Picture: Thoughts on the Future of Science (1/13/2009)
2008 Career Symposium Keynote: Dr. Peter Fiske, Possibilities for PhD Scientists (4/9/2008)  NOTE: Dr. Fiske's talk begins 14:45 minutes into the recording.  It is preceded by introductory remarks from Dr. Sharon Milgram, Director, OITE.
NIH Academy Short Course, Part I, (9/18/2012) The NIH Academy Short Course provides a fundamental understanding of the definition and measurement of health disparities as well as the causes and determinants of these disparities. 

Special Event

2010 Community College Day

NIH Academy Videocasts on Health Disparities