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Resources at the NIH for Trainees Who Are Also Parents

Many programs and resources are available to NIH trainees (postdocs, graduate students, etc.) who are also parents. This webpage lists many of the services and where to find more information about them.


Mom-Dad-Docs aims to provide a supportive community for NIH postdocs, clinical/research fellows, and graduate students who are also parents. We explore the joys and challenges of juggling parenthood and a scientific career. Monthly lunch meetings provide an opportunity to meet other parents while learning more about topics such as time management, career advancement strategies, and general parenting issues. Guest speakers present topics, insights, and resources. The Mom-Dad-Docs group welcomes all individuals with children (or thinking about having children). If you would like more information about Mom-Dad-Docs, please contact Ulrike Klenke of the OITE.

Keep the Thread

The Intramural Keep the Thread Program offers current NIH Intramural/Cancer Research Training Award (IRTA/CRTA) postdoctoral fellows several options during times of intense family needs. The goal is to provide increased flexibility and the possibiity of temporarily reducing effort while postdocs remain connected to their research and the NIH community  The program incorporates a variety of flexible arrangements, to be mutually agreed upon by the fellow and Principal Investigator (PI), with approval by the Scientific Director (SD).

NIH Child Care Subsidy Program

The purpose of the NIH Child Care Subsidy Program is to make child care more affordable for lower income NIH Federal employees through the use of agency appropriated funds. The NIH Child Care Subsidy Program is able to immediately serve eligible NIH GS and Title 42 federal employees.

NIH Child Care Centers

The NIH recognizes the important role high quality, affordable and accessible child care plays in the lives of all NIH employees. Each of the NIH sponsored child care centers is a separate private business, operated by a parent board. Each center provides a unique learning experience and is held to the highest standards of quality. More information for on and off campus NIH centers, waitlist registration, and tuition scales can be found at

Resource and Referral Services

A work/life specialist can help you find: child care centers, home daycares, nannies, summer camps, adult and dependent care, before/after school programs, adoption resources, special needs resources, and more. 

NIH Parenting Coach

The NIH Parent Coach can help you navigate the stages of childhood and parenthood. He/she will offer guidance and answers to your specific questions on physical, social, mental and emotional matters. Email You will receive a personalized email response within 48 hours.

Lunch and Learn Seminars

Parenting/Dependent Care Seminars cover parenting issues from infancy to the teenage years and dependent care issues from the emotional impact of caring for an adult dependent to legal issues.

NIH Parenting Listserv

NIH Parenting Listserv is an interactive email list, with more than 1,600 members, managed through the NIH LISTSERV facility. You can use it to ask for and share information about child care and parenting issues with other NIH parents. To Subscribe to the NIH Parenting Listserv, send an email addressed to with the following text in the message body: subscribe parenting_list your name (substituting your first and last name for your name). You will receive a confirmation email when you are subscribed, with additional guidance about the list and its rules. Please read this guidance carefully; it contains useful information that will help you maximize the benefits you derive from the list.

Nursing Mothers Program

The Nursing Mothers Program includes prenatal breastfeeding education classes taught at various locations on campus; telephone support while on maternity leave, advice and problem-solving during the first critical weeks; return-to-work consultation; and onsite lactation rooms in various buildings, all equipped with breast pumps.

NIH Child Care Board/FELCOM Child Care Board Liaisons

The NIH Child Care Board is charged with promoting affordable, accessible, quality day care for NIH employees and advising the NIH regarding child care services and policies. The FELCOM liaison serves as a conduit between the board and FELCOM to make sure the board is aware of issues pertaining to NIH fellows and to keep fellows abreast of the child care situation at NIH.

Legal and Financial Resources

The NIH Office of Research Services, Division of Amenities and Transportation Services offers free legal, financial and identity theft services. These include a free 30-minute telephone consultation with an attorney and/or financial professional and free 60-minute consultation with a fraud prevention specialist. Local referrals and discounts are available for more complex issues. See PDF for more information