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2017 NIH Summer Intern NEWS!

Welcome to summer at the NIH!  The following publications, workshops, and activities were designed with you in mind.  The staff of the Office of Intramural Training & Education are here to help you have the best and most productive experience possible.  We look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

If you are in high school, please check out our activities/resources designed specifically with you in mind.

Your First Day at the NIH

Are you a summer intern on the Bethesda campus? If you haven't visited the main NIH campus before, take a look at our YouTube videos.

Planning a Successful NIH Summer Internship

Your research project should be your number one priority this summer, but there is much more to discover at the NIH!  Join the staff of the OITE for "Planning a Successful NIH Summer Internship".  We will share advice and tips on making the most of your time at the NIH.  Sessions are scheduled for 8:30 to 10:00 am, each Friday in June. Check Upcoming Events for the location and be certain to register in advance. If you are unable to attend a session, please check out the virtual Summer Orientation Webinar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you are brand new to research, consider registering for and attending one of the all-day Science Skills Summer Boot Camps instead of "Planning a Successful NIH Summer Internship".  Boot Camps are scheduled for June 2, 16, and 20 on the Bethesda campus, June 21 in Frederick, and June 30 in Baltimore.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: If your Institute or Center offers a Summer Orientation, be certain to attend! They will cover important issues like getting paid and Institute/Center activities and rules.

Summer Handbook

The 2017 Summer Handbook is now available online.   You can use it to find descriptions of career and professional development programs, information on safety training at the NIH, commuting options, and suggestions for museums to visit in your spare time.

Summer events/workshops

Summer events are described in the Summer Handbook; dates and locations (and registration links) are also listed under Upcoming Events.  Some highlights to consider when you develop your summer plan include:

 Scientific Resources

Career/Professional Development Workshops

  • Planning a Successful NIH Summer Internship
  • Getting to Graduate School and Getting to Professional (Medical/Dental) School (workshops)
  • Preparing for the GRE
  • Essential Leadership Skills for Future Scientists and Health Care Professionals
  • Maximizing Mentoring Relationships
  • What Can You Do in College to Enhance Your Chances of Getting into Medical or Graduate School
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Coming Back to the NIH
  • High School Student Career Development Series
    • Self-awareness and Relationships with Others
    • Professional Communication
    • Career Exploration
    • Success in College

Major Events

You may also find the Summer Intern App created by NCI-Frederick a useful tool in planning your summer.

Creating an Account on the OITE Web site

You will want to create an account on the OITE Web site so that you can (1) register for Career Services appointments, (2) register for OITE programs, including Summer Poster Day, with a single click of your mouse and receive handouts, (3) create a My OITE page that will help you keep track of your appointments and registrations, and (4) use the Alumni Database.  View directions for creating an account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have been a summer intern at the NIH before, contact us to have your account on the OITE Web site re-activated.

NIH Listservs

Make certain that you are included on the official Summer Intern listserv OITE-SIP, so that you hear about summer opportunities sponsored by the OITE.  Check out the listservs available to you this summer.

Important note: should you decide to use social media during the summer, remember that including the NIH name, logo, or images is not allowed.  Only personal e-mail accounts and wording that avoids associating your materials with the NIH are permitted.


Are you new to the research environment as well as being new to the NIH? Sign up for the Science Skills Summer Boot Camp, an intensive, one-day exploration of the NIH and the way we do science.

Summer Poster Day

Summer Poster Day 2017 is scheduled for Thursday, August 10th. Registration is now open!  View the COMPLETE 2017 Summer Poster Day Program.

Summer Intern Journal Clubs

Sharpen your critical reading skills! Explore new areas of research! Meet other summer students!  Read more about the journal clubs and register to participate.

Electronic Resources

Be sure to check the OITE Web site for online resources such as guides to writing cover letters and creating CVs and resumes. Many of our workshops are also available as videocasts, should you not be able to attend one in person.  Last, but not least, our collection of YouTube videos includes discussions of keeping a lab notebook, attending your first scientific meeting, reading a scientific paper, and mastering lab math.