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Translational Science Training Program Testimonials


“Programs such as TSTP are extremely valuable for people with an interest in translational research. This particular program has benefitted me immensely in the following ways:  

  • Engaging with people from the Office of Intramural Training and Education, which is an enormous asset for the postdoc community at NIH.
  • The opportunity to meet with people involved in the early and late translational research process and current leaders in the field.
  • The challenge to place my current research project into a translational research perspective.
  • Assistance in developing a practical understanding of the drug development process.
  • And importantly, I have learned that there are broad career options in translational research.”

 -Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow


“I would highly recommend the Translational Science Training Program to anyone considering a scientific career in industry or translational research. Without a doubt, it was the most useful career preparation course I have taken. It was an extremely well-organized program covering key aspects from the entire process of therapeutic development and marketing. I learned about many career opportunities I had not considered and have made numerous lasting connections.”

 -Postdoctoral Fellow


“The TSTP offered me valuable insight into translational medicine both from the perspective of the academic researcher and his/her colleagues in industry. It is a vital experience for anyone that wants to understand how academic and industrial partnerships are formed to bring the next generation of treatments to patients.”

 -NIH Graduate Student


“I found the 2012 TSTP boot-camp very well organized and well worth my time. The facility tour and seminars, hosted by a variety of disciplines, gave me an in-depth view of translational science that I had never appreciated before. I continue to meet with fellow participants and speakers following the boot camp and these interactions have been invaluable.. I would highly recommend the TSTP boot-camp to anyone interested in pursuing a career in translational sciences, regardless of their discipline. “

 -Research Fellow


“The OITE/NIH sponsored TSTP program single-handedly provided me a base-knowledge towards the process of translational research (TR).  The breadth of topics presented during the two-day program encompasses the fundamentals of TR:  intellectual property, FDA process, bench-to-bedside/clinical trials, high-throughput small molecule screening, and commercialization economics.  The depth of information one can obtain about any of these topics is limited only by the individual’s own participation in the TSTP discussions and activities.  Specifically for me, the knowledge and insight gained as a 2012 TSTP participant has been instrumental in nurturing my interest in the TR process and in focusing my career strategies.”

 -Postdoctoral Fellow


“The Translational Science Training Program at the NIH is a unique and invaluable learning opportunity for postdoctoral fellows that are looking to pursue various avenues in the translation of academic science from the bench to the bedside. The Greater Washington area houses the best and the brightest in the areas of academic, regulatory, and industry science to name a few and the TSTP program successfully encompasses and incorporates all aspects of this translational pipeline during the course of this program, providing a great networking opportunity outside the academic community as well. Personally, this program has been instrumental in my securing a position at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences doing the kind of work I have dreamed of and I am absolutely certain that as it grows in size and content it will lay the groundwork for many new and exciting opportunities”

-Postdoctoral Fellow, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences




“All components of the Boot Camp were useful - it is hard to identify just one. Workshops were well planned and executed. Speakers did a great job in conveying huge amounts of information in a short period of time.”

“Dr. Ranganathan's workshop was very informative and he was very engaging. I rarely see the big picture in my day-to-day research, so it was good to get that perspective from his talk.”

“Although I have always wanted to be involved in the drug development process, attending the workshop excited me about this field and will likely affect my future research and career decisions.  For me, the greatest benefit from attending this workshop did not come from any specific information that I learned, but rather from an affirmation that this is the field I want to be in and the NIH is the best place for doing what I want to do.  I am extremely grateful to those who have put this workshop together – thanks to all involved.”

“I benefited from this program in the following ways:

  1. I was introduced to an exciting field and acquired the knowledge that how small molecules are screened and selected for therapeutics.
  2. I got to know many intelligent people and made some successful collaborations with other postdocs.
  3. The ambiance was friendly where students were not worried to ask questions.
  4. I think the acquired knowledge from the boot camp would help me to plan my career in advance.
  5. I think [organizers] were outstanding in terms of organizing the boot camp as well as interacting with the all of us. Thank you so much.”

“For me as an NIEHS fellow this course was not only an educational experience but a great opportunity to feel a part of greater NIH community. I hope you will keep this and other programs open for people outside of Bethesda campus.”

“The lectures were the most useful component of the TSTP Boot Camp. I cannot rank the usefulness of these lectures because all of them were quite enlightening. Also, the NCATS/DPI tour, discussions with program managers and networking session were invaluable.”

“The TSTP Boot Camp was an incredible educational experience and I really appreciate the opportunity to have participated. Many thanks to all who were involved!!!!”