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2012 Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships

In 2012 10 applications for Intramural AIDS Research Fellowships were selected for funding from a large number of meritorious submissions.  Funding for these fellowships is graciously supplied by the NIH Office of AIDS Research.

ApplicantMentorICProject Title
Diana Barrentes Gomez Gearhart, Patricia NIA A Model for HIV antibodies: Roles of BCR and TLR7 Signaling in B Cells
Evzen Boura Hurley, James NIDDK Structure and Function of human ESRT-1 in HIV-1 budding
Gwo-Yu Chuang Kwong, Peter NIAID/VRC Computational Design of Antibodies and Immunogens that Focus on the CD4-Binding Site of HIV-1
Stephen Dollery Berger, Edward NIAID KSHV entry/infection of B Cells
Michael Ferenczy Major, Eugene NINDS Interactions between JC Virus and HIV-1 in cells of the human brain leading to increased frequency of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy during AIDS
Maria Ingaramo Patterson, George NIBIB Determination of the HIV genome 3-dimensional organization through sub-diffraction fluorescence colocalization microscopy
Zachary Klase Jeang, Kuan-The NIAID RUNX and HIV-1 Transcription:  Implications for Latency
Geoffrey Lynn Seder, Robert NIAID-VRC 21st Century Approaches to Adjuvanting an HIV Envelope Vaccine
Joel Meyerson Subramaniam, Sriram NCI Determining the neutralization mechanisms of clinical HIV microbicide candidates using high-throughput cryo-electron tomography
Molly Perkins Brenchley, Jason NIAID Mechanisms underlying the nonprogressive nature of SIV invection of Natural Hosts
Philip Tedbury Freed, Eric NCI HIV-1 Gag in assembly and release:  Interactions with gp41 and cellular host factors

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