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FelCom - Career Development

The goal of the Career Development Subcommittee is to educate NIH fellows regarding the career opportunities that are available within and outside of the NIH system. Through a year long seminar series, this subcommittee provides fellows with information regarding survival skills for their post-graduate work as well as skills needed for making the transition from training positions to various professional areas of interest. It is also the intent of the subcommittee to provide extensive information regarding varied career interests that include the pursuit of academic tenure-track positions, industrial positions, administrative positions, and alternative careers. This subcommittee also assists other subcommittees and NIH entities that involve or require career development for NIH fellows.

If you would like more information about the subcommittee or would like to become a member, please contact the subcommittee co-chairs listed below:

Amit Singh, NCI
Idalia Yabe, NIAID

Past events hosted by Felcom

(only events with write-ups, videocasts, slides or other materials are posted here)

Careers in Epidemiology Oct 2022

Careers in Data Science and Bioinformatics Oct 2021

Careers in Data Science Nov 2019 

Careers in Industry Oct 2019

Careers in Scientific Support Sept 2019

Careers in Science Education and Outreach Feb 2017

Careers in Big Data Dec 2016

Careers in Public Health Nov 2016

Careers in Biotech Oct 2016

Careers of NIH Alumni Sept 2016

Careers in Science Ethics Apr 2016

Recently Hired Faculty Mar 2016

Careers in Science and the Media Feb 2016

Careers in Science Diplomacy Dec 2015 

Careers in Tech Transfer Oct 2015

Felcom Alumni, where are they now? Sep 2015

Careers in Think Tanks Apr 2015

Careers in Clinical Trial Management Mar 2015

Careers in Intelligence, Defense and Homeland Security Dec 2014

Careers in Science Outreach Nov 2014

Careers in Product Development Oct 2014

Careers at Scientific Societies Sep 2014

Careers in Medical Writing, Mar 2014

Careers in Grant Management, Dec 2013

Careers in Consulting, Nov 2013

Careers in Clinical Research and Diagnostic Labs, Sep 2013

Careers in Technology Transfer, Jun 2013

Careers in Government, Mar 2013

Careers in Industry, Feb 2013

Careers in Teaching, Dec 2012

Careers in Forensic Science, November 20, 2012

Career Workshop: Careers in Teaching December 11th, 2012

Careers in Science Editing Oct 16, 2012

Career Workshop: The Intersection of Arts and Sciences Sep 11, 2012

Careers in Patent Processing Apr 17, 2012

Carees in Biodefense Mar 23, 2012

Careers in Regulatory Affairs Feb 14, 2012

Careers in Global Health and International Development  Sep 13, 2011

Careers in Grant Administration and Management Apr 12, 2011

Careers in Marketing for Scientists Feb 08, 2011

Academic Jobs: What Can I Be if I'm Not a PI?

Jan 11, 2011

Forensic Science Careers Dec 14, 2010

Thinking Outside the Box: Career Options for Science PhDs Oct 12, 2010

FELCOM WORKSHOP: Careers in Technology Transfer and Patent Processing Sep 15, 2010