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Job search support

Resources to support the success of your job search

NIH trainees head to a myriad of positions in science policy, science administration, consulting, tech transfer, science communication and editing, grant management, and more in every sector, from academics, industry, government, and non-profit. These resources can help you launch a successful job search.

Explore our workshops

We offer workshops to help prepare you for the job market. These workshops are appropriate for trainees at all levels and with interests in all employment sectors in the U.S. and internationally. Our current workshops are:

  • Networking for Scientists
  • Job Search Strategies
  • CVs and Resumes
  • Interviewing Skills for Scientists (including small group sessions on the most common questions)
  • Job Negotiations
  • Careers with the federal government and applying through USAJOBS

Workshops run throughout the academic year and occur in-person and online. Visit OITE events for detailed information and find archived videos on the OITE YouTube page.

Meet with an OITE career counselor

As you launch your job search, the OITE career counselors can help you prepare for the job market by reviewing your resume, identifying employers and networks, practicing your interview skills, and negotiating your new job.

Build your career network

Build your network for your intended career by attending career panels. Once you have identified your career path, your focus at career panels is to connect with professionals in the field. Make sure to follow-up with at least one panelist after every event. Many panel discussions are hosted by the Graduate Student Council and FelCom and are appropriate for trainees at all levels. If you are a postbac planning your next steps, you may benefit from the postbac career exploration series.

Our premier career exploration event with over a dozen panels and extensive networking opportunities is our Virtual NIH Career Symposium. This takes place in May and is an opportunity to connect with potential employers or colleagues.

Many of our graduate students and postdoc are Visiting Fellows with roots across the globe. Our NIH Visiting Fellows Committee hosts the Science Voices From Home series to connect trainees with information on international jobs. Many of the speakers are NIH alumni who can directly address how they developed job search skills while training at NIH.

Career panels run throughout the academic year and occur in-person and online. Visit OITE events for detailed information and find archived videos on the OITE YouTube channel.

Join a job search group

This group is facilitated by an OITE career counselor and is designed to provide expert input, peer support, and accountability for career-oriented activities. Key topics covered include: refining your resume, interview practice, and general support as you apply for positions.

There are two career exploration groups, one for postbacs and another for graduate students and postdocs/fellows. These groups are virtual to accommodate trainees on all NIH campuses. The groups run in the winter and spring; registration is announced on OITE listservs and in OITE upcoming events.

Join a trainee-led group

Many trainee groups help connect you to others exploring similar career paths.

  • Science Policy Discussion Group
  • Consulting Club
  • More coming soon

These groups recruit new members each fall via the OITE listservs.



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