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Postbacs/Summer Students

Making a decision: grad school, med school, or a job?

Exploring graduate and Professional school

Exploring job options

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Making a decision: grad school, med school, or a job?

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  • Strong Interest Inventory

    The Strong Interest Inventory® provides research-validated insights to help you in your search for a rich, fulfilling career. The Strong empowers users to discover their true interests so they can better identify, understand, and often expand their career options.

    If you are interested in taking this assessment, please contact the Career Counseling Center to set up an individual appointment with a career counselor.

NOTE: this assessment is available to postbacs only.  If you are a summer intern, contact your university/school career center to find out about assessments they offer.

  • Exercises External Link to help you explore your values, skills, and interests

Exploring graduate and Professional school

Graduate/professional school advising appointments

If you schedule an appointment with Dr. Higgins (or an OITE Career Counselor or Dr. Sokolove or Dr. Milgram), be certain to prepare in advance.  This is true whether you would like to discuss a personal statement or experience a mock interview.  If you cannot attend a workshop on the topic in person, then watch the videocast of an earlier workshop on the topic.  If you wish to discuss a personal statement, write and edit it carefully prior to the appointment.  If you have scheduled a mock interview, practice examples of possible responses in advance.

  • Sign up for an individual appointment with Dr. William Higgins

  • Graduate and Professional School Advising
    Limitations on Pre-professional Advising for Applicants to Graduate and Professional School:
    The OITE is committed to assisting postbacs and summer interns with the application process for graduate and professional (medical, dental, pharmacy, etc.) school. However, given the large number of trainees interested in this service and the need for application materials to reflect the applicants' interests and skills, we want to clarify the extent and nature of the services we can provide.
  • The Office of Career Services will review one final draft of a personal statement for graduate or professional school. The Staff will not review secondary application essays or review a statement more than once. An applicant may request a review from only one OITE staff member.
  • Counselors and other OITE staff members will review the content of personal statements, including the structure and organization of the essay and whether the message intended by the applicant is being effectively communicated. The service does not include correction of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. We will refer trainees to grammar and punctuation resources, many of which are now available on our Writing Resources page.
  • Staff members in the Office of Career Services and other OITE staff members will assist applicants with preparation for interviews. Unless there are extenuating circumstances such as extreme anxiety, applicants will be eligible for only one mock interview or discussion of the interview process.
  • Overall, the OITE staff will meet with applicants a maximum of twice during the pre-application season. The two-appointment limit will apply to application review, interview preparation, and pre-med advising. Trainees may schedule additional visits should they need assistance with other career planning issues.
  • The OITE Staff members will review an applicant's FINAL version the of AMCAS personal statement and, if time permits during an appointment, the FINAL draft of the AMCAS Activities section. This review occurs after AMCAS opens in early May and before the applicant submits the final AMCAS application in early June. An applicant may receive one such review. 
  •  OITE advisers do not replace an applicant's university pre-medical committee, and therefore do not review personal statements for these groups.

    NOTE: Prior to making an appointment, trainees are expected to have attended the relevant pre-med or graduate school workshops or
    viewed them on the OITE Web site and, if appropriate, edited their personal statements accordingly.

Understanding standardized tests

Preparing your statement of purpose External Link

Interviewing for professional school: Slides from OITE presentation; View videocast

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