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FARE applications: Tips for successful abstracts

Workshop/Seminar: Informational Session

Mar 02, 2023

Speaker(s): FARE co-chairs
This event is recommended for: Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

The FARE application offers all eligible postdocs, research fellows, clinical fellows, and grad students are encouraged to apply for a FARE award.  A FARE abstract is not the same as a conference abstract. It needs to appeal to a wider audience. To help you with writing a FARE abstract, the FARE co-chairs will lead a webinar for NIH fellows applying for FARE. 

Topics covered will be: 

  • What is the FARE competition procedure?
  • Am I eligible for FARE?
  • How are FARE abstracts different from typical abstracts? 
  • How are FARE abstracts judged? 
  • What makes a FARE abstract standout to the judges? 
  • Can you create a FARE abstract from an abstract you've already written? (yes!) 
  • What do FARE winners receive?  

For more information on the FARE award see