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Careers in Biodefense

Workshop/Seminar: Career Exploration

Mar 13, 2012

Speaker(s): Fred Steinberg, Senior Advisor, MITRE; Christy Tomlinson, Senior Scientist, Schafer Corporation; Terry Taylor, President of the International Council for the Life Sciences
This event is recommended for: Graduate Students; Postdocs/Fellows.

Are you interested in a career which will help protect armed forces and civilians to prepare a response to a biological attack? If so, then this is the panel to attend. Following September 11 and the anthrax letters in 2001, the field of biodefense significantly expanded to address global health, public preparedness and response, medical countermeasure development, and biological research.  The increasing investment in biodefense and concern about a bioterrorism attack within the United States and abroad has expanded the job market in this field.  This panel will explore different types of careers (both at and away from the bench) in the biodefense field for both government and non-government institutions. With speakers from a variety of backgrounds, attendees will learn about the diverse opportunities within this field as well as the entry requirements for available careers. This event is sponsored by FELCOM's Career Development Subcommittee.

Fellowship opportunity:

UPMC Biosecurity fellowship page (